Floating in Different States of Consciousness


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Hey guys! This post is going to talk about the different states of consciousness I have tried floating in. Before we get into the fun stuff, I want to state that I recommend floating without any substances, especially the first time. You want to get the full experience and see what it’s like, unaltered. We must learn to truly sit with ourselves. I never wanted to get into a habit where I felt like I had to get stoned or something before a float. This is probably a semi controversial topic among center owners and regular float clients.

I have gone through phases where I would smoke pot before, and times where I decided it would be more beneficial if I did not. I believe that you sort through more when you are sober. The different states I want to discuss include of course on NO substances, different time of day/night, lengthy floats, high from smoking pot, high from smoking a marijuana oil vape, after eating edible pot, micro dosing on psilocybin, and in a sleep deprived state.

This is just a fun post, it is nothing credible, just my experiences. I used to hold back a lot with what I posted on here because I worried about peoples’ opinions and how they might judge me, but let’s be real, plants are a lot more in the mainstream today. I’m not the only rebel out there =p .

I didn’t start trying new things in the tank for at least a few months after I started floating. I thought it was important to get a feel for it before I dabbled. I started floating in the afternoon, which was okay, but I would always hit rush hour traffic on the way home, which kind of took me out of that peaceful state. I started doing later nights, but I’m a weirdo, and I would stay up all night when I did this. Some people say then can fall right asleep after a night float, but not me and the way my brain is wired. I always wanted to bask in the feeling and not go right to sleep. The morning floats were my sweet spot. It was much easier for me to relax before the chaos of the day had my going 100 miles per hour. It is easier for me to wake up and go back to that sleep-like state. I felt that I got into deeper states during my 7AM floats. Everyone is different, so you just should find what works for you.

I must say, I really enjoy long floats. Most float centers offer 90 minute sessions as standard, but some offer 60 as well. The center I worked at only offered 60 minutes, which in my opinion, for my goals, was not enough time for me to get enough benefits. I think an hour float could be good for people floating purely for pain or relaxation or a quick nap. I think that a lot of people, including myself, have a difficult time shutting off. I feel like there are days where it takes me an hour to quiet my mind, and then the music would come on and the float was over before I got to get into a deep state. With 90 minutes it was rare that I had that same issue. One of the plus sides to working at a Float center was being able to control my own floats. I was able to set the timer for however long I wanted, which was awesome. The longest float I ended up doing was 4 hours. That was up in New York at The Float Place in Patchogue. It was an amazing float. It went a lot quicker that I would have expected. My longest float in Florida was close to 3 hours. It is so different when you are a guest at a center as opposed to working at one. When you work at one, you know you have to clean up after, so it isn’t as relaxing, but that comes with the territory. So, I was always tempted to get out early and start cleaning. But regardless, I am happy I challenged myself to the longer floats because it seriously challenged my ability to keep bringing myself back to present for a lengthy amount of time. 90 minutes can be a challenge, but double that is something else. I believe it is a good brain conditioning exercise to test your limits occasionally. It is usually when we least want to that we need it the most.

 To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy smoking regular flower before floating. You are in a tank or room for usually 90 minutes. Focusing on cotton mouth and the taste of weed in your mouth can take away from the float if you ask me. I enjoyed smoking my oil vape pen before a lot more. However, you just kind of drift off and aren’t as conscious of the insights you may be getting. I felt like I was in more of a sleep state than a conscious theta state, so I didn’t do that often. If my intention was just to kind of relax and chill, then I would hit the pen happily. There were only two times that I got the opportunity to eat an edible weed candy before floating, and that was during my trip home. THAT was something else. I broke the candy in half because it was strong and I had another float the following night. I was tired to begin with, but I swear this put me in another world. I went so deep, I woke up so disoriented. I couldn’t find the light. I had gotten water in my eyes, went to grab the towel and straight dropped it in the water. I threw it out of the room and sincerely apologized to my friends and offered to clean it. I also did not wake up until the very end of the music, which is unusual for me. (There are usually 5 minutes of music at the end of your float to cue you to wake up and slowly exit) The next day was the same situation, except I did not get salt in my eyes. So, it can be good and bad. I would say that edibles can be fun to throw into the mix occasionally, but maybe not all the time. I am curious though how it would have been on edibles had I not been sleep deprived.

The floats where I just did not sleep the night before for whatever reason were always great. If you pass out in the tank, you wake up feeling amazing. You may feel a bit disoriented for a few minutes, but then I always feel like I got a full nights’ sleep in an hour and a half. It truly is amazing. This is because we go into such a deep delta state.

Lastly, I would like to mention my experience taking a small dose of mushrooms before my float. It had to be 1.5 grams or so. I ate them and then set the music on for the beginning of the float as per i-sopod standard setting at the center I worked at. I set the float for 3 hours since it was a small dose. I also messed with the light settings for the first time during one of my floats. I knew it would take a few minutes to hit me, so I wanted to set a nice little vibe for myself. I had the light blue, then purple and then the alternating colors (I liked to call this one the disco ball). I could tell that I was feeling the effects from the psilocybin when I became more sensitive to the red light. I’m no color therapy expert, but I know red can provoke anxiety in already anxious people. I took this as an opportunity to surrender into what I was about to experience. I told myself it was okay and there was nothing to worry about. I was in just about the safest space possible, a float pod.

I wish I had a really exciting story to tell you about this experience, but unfortunately, I do not. I kept getting the message like “ok, why did you really need to do this?” I had expectations that I wasn’t completely aware of. I guess I was subconsciously hoping I would connect with other entities somewhere in another dimension, but all I did was lay there in a float tank. The most profound insight I received was that I didn’t need to try so hard to have any experience in life. If I was meant to come to know something, I would learn in some way, but it just didn’t have to be from taking psychedelics in a float tank.  I don’t regret it, and I am glad I was able to get that out of my system. I also want to mention that I managed to get lost in an I-sopod. That was a new one. I laughed at myself as I tried to find my way out.. Keep in mind this does not happen to normal people.

 I can’t say I’m not curious what a full dose would be like, but I don’t care to try any time soon to be honest. I am however, curious to hear about others’ experiences taking 3 or 4 grams in the tank. It was funny hearing Duncan Trussell speak this year at the Float Conference on taking psychedelics in the tank because what he described sounded almost exactly like mine. I will post that video below 😊 Keep in mind it is a long video because it is an episode of his podcast… I really tried to find the part I mentioned, but I could not. It’s worth a watch anyway!

SO, after all that, I still think people should NOT float on any substances for the most part. It is important to be alone with our selves. That is a big part of the point of floating. If you want to get a little stoned and just hang out in there, I wouldn’t discourage you. This is my point of view speaking as someone who just loves floating. I am by no means promoting “drug” use in float tanks. I wouldn’t even consider doing any of these things if you are just getting into floating. I just like to do experiments on myself. It is a liability though and if I were a center owner, I would have that in my disclaimer. So don’t do it guys =p , but if you do, you better tell me about it.

Have a great night friends! ❤




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