No Place like Home

EmilysQuotes.Com-unknown-inspirational-home-feeling-place.jpgSo, today is the day I leave to go return to Florida after a two-week vacation. I really enjoyed my time away, and it was necessary. It was lovely seeing my family and friends for a bit, but I am ready to get back to the grind. It is always sad leaving home. It’s comfortable, but I am a woman with goals, so comfort isn’t meant for me now or possibly for a long time. I accept that as much as possible.

At this point, leaving my old dog is the hardest because she’s getting older every time I see her, and she’s an angel. I know I will see my family and friends again (God willing). Moving can change the dynamic of a friendship, and that’s neither good nor bad, that’s evolution. I felt good about ending a friendship that turned out to have been fake all along. Time changes everything, sometimes we like this, other times we don’t. I had a great time with my family while home. It was great to see some good friends. The people that I saw are very important to me. I felt more abundant than I ever have on Long Island this time around.

I didn’t feel the anxiety here at all like I used to. I felt safe and a lot more comfortable with myself as a person. I didn’t worry about what anyone else thought and I just did what I wanted to do. I got to Float in my favorite Float center ever, The Float Place, and kickbox a few times as well. It helped me regain that home feeling.  I also got to re-focus and re-prioritize a few things in my life. For example, my health. I had been doing better, but being in NY and having access to healthier food made me remember how important it was to eat for your optimal performance. There was a lot of room for improvement in my diet and my habits. I also got back in to writing and being, more creative. I missed this WordPress thing and have been wanting to get back on here for a while. There was just so much resistance and I was busy doing silly things.

I am going to get back to Florida, get better jobs for now that allow me to save until I must move South. I feel I am more willing to do what I have to do without as much resistance. I thank the book “The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, and my good friends for this breakthrough. I floated away the residual resistance. I know some great things are going to happen soon, because I feel like I am being guided to the right opportunities.

I am bringing home the confidence that I had lost and a different perspective. Melbourne can be my playground for the next few months if I decide to make it so. I know my time in that town is probably limited. Therefore, I am going to do my best to make the most of it, and learn as much as I can while remaining focused and driven.

I am looking forward to what the next trip home to Long Island will bring. I think I have to come home every few months so long as I can afford it. This place is pretty great when you get to come back. However, I am not crying too much at the idea of getting back to “reality.” If I am meant to come back here for an opportunity down the road, I am open to it. For now, I still have a ton of exploring to do, mistakes to make, and things to learn.

Wish me luck at the airport (everyone’s favorite place to be). I hope you all have great weekends 😊. See you on the other side.


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