Psychedelic Explorations Pt. 1


Before I begin, I know there will be different opinions of this subject, but I am going to go ahead and give my experience and perspective anyway. I state a lot that nothing is for everyone. Things I love and that are good for me, may suck for someone else. For example, floating. I think floating is great for most people in the world, but there are certain types of people that probably should not jump right into floating. For example, people with certain heart conditions without medical clearance, or with serious trauma issues that should be addressed before, and worked through with a professional before hopping right into a tank/float room.  Speaking as someone with some background in Psychology and as someone who suffers from depression, I can attest to the fact that when in a super depressed state, floating can actually help you dwell in that negative space, which can be damaging. It can never hurt to have a few coping skills under your belt to use in tank. By all means, I am not saying do not float If you are depressed, just use your best judgment I guess, and make sure you are seeking additional help.

 Psychedelics is another example. There have been tons of empirical studies on the benefits of psilocybin (one of the active chemicals in mushrooms) on topics ranging from cancer treatment, to addiction, neuroscience, spirituality and the list goes on. (I will post a link below so you can check it out and not take my word for it.

I told myself years ago when I still did drugs recreationally, that I just could not do psychedelics because my brain was too fucked up and I had too much anxiety to really dig deep. I was horrified at the idea of what I might find there. Shortly after discovering float therapy last year, I accepted the state I was in. I was finally able to be totally with myself and I saw that my consciousness wasn’t going to actually kill me. I saw how much ego had a hold on my life. After I saw that I didn’t need to be afraid of my own mind, a friend of mine who was a fellow consciousness explorer, opened my mind to the idea of trying mushrooms again.

I went from “hell no, I will never voluntarily spend time with my thoughts for that long,” to “hmmm…” Float Therapy showed me that it was possible to face anxiety and grow from it also. At the time I was in therapy as well, and I decided to give the fungus another shot with completely different intentions. Rather than being a kid recreationally experimenting, I used them with the intentions to explore my consciousness and feel connected in a way I usually was unable to. The first time I did them, I did them with a friend in nature, which was a perfect way to get back in there. After that, I decided that I was going to do them alone and basically meditate the entire time. I would do small doses, because I felt that I got more out of it, and I had more control over how long it would last. I only stick to the plant medicines for the most part. I don’t trust a lot of things out there, like LSD today. I just needed a little help listening to my intuition, and shrooms gave me exactly what I needed. I would meditate, and experiment with my senses sometimes after I became more experienced. Sometimes I would put my floating ear plugs in, so I could just focus on the inner without distraction. Other times I would have specific music playing. Other times I would be completely in the dark. This may sound scary, but once you commit and surrender to these medicines, it becomes less scary and you accept a lot easier.

The great thing about them too is that they are not addicting. They are an intuitive life form that will literally tell you when you need to lay off, if you listen. This may sound crazy to those of you who have not had a psychedelic experience, but it has been my experience. They seem to come and go into your life like certain friendships, but without bitterness.

These journeys are not always pleasant depending on your mind and what is going on in your life. I have had trips where I had breakthroughs and full-blown cried hysterically and physically released pain. You are shown parts of yourself that you have been battling for a long time. It intensifies things, so you are more likely to change. At least that is how it has been for me. I can not see something clear as day and not do a thing about it. This is how mushrooms helped me find my own way out of my depression, coupled with the other forms of therapy I was participating in. After a time, I actually stopped needing therapy because I trusted my own inner voice enough to point me in the right direction. I do not recommend discontinuing therapy for most people, nor my method. Again, this is just MY experience.

I feel that I healed and addressed a lot of inner pain. One of my last trips in New York, I got the message that I just couldn’t grow anymore in the ways I was looking to grow if I continued to live in my family’s home. I wasn’t happy and it was rubbing off on them. I didn’t feel grateful. I felt stuck and angry.  It was scary, but I had a rough next day accepting that I just had to go sooner that I planned. It was terrifying, but I put myself out there, and things came together like clockwork, which was my confirmation that this move was meant to be. I ended up finding a job and everything so quickly. I had like a month and half to blast off and get my new life together. It wasn’t all cake, but these experiences definitely helped me get a move on.

I would love to post more about this topic if you guys are interested. I may still do it anyway because I find it really interesting to talk about. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but if I did, maybe try something different, or don’t. Always use your judgment, but also take into account that fear is ego. Sometimes we greatly benefit taking a leap. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I would be happy to give my best advice.

Here is the link to a website that had some good sources on the effects of psilocybin on the topics I mentioned above:

Good Joe Rogan video also on float tanks, psychedelics and meditation:

Here is just more research done on float therapy on a variety of conditions:


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