The End of my Hiatus

pearly-gatesGood morning friends! I have been wanting to get on here again and write, but I was having many issues getting a new password link. It was odd, but I am back. A LOT has changed since my last posting. I don’t want to bore you all with all the little details, but basically to sum things up, I had just moved from my childhood home to the state of Florida, into the basically unknown.

I started what I thought was going to be a dream job, and in a way it was. However, being on my own brought with it a lot of unresolved issues within myself and greatly magnified my defects, and I think my strengths as well. My “dream job” began as heaven and ended less gracefully than I would have liked in all honesty, however, I gained a lot of knowledge and new perspectives that I would have never gained otherwise. Most of all though, I did right by people, I impressed myself with the work I was able to carry out, as well as the creativity and drive that I had in the Float industry. It showed me my strengths and my weaknesses and showed me that I had a lot more value than I ever would have thought in a workplace. I learned how to deal with very different personalities and to really speak up for myself. I had never done that at a job before, so it was kind of a big deal.

On to the new!; I am trying not to talk too much about old shit. My intentions now with the help of some great friends and my intuition, are to look ahead and put my ideas into action every day, no matter how small I think they may seem at the time.

In August I went to Portland, Oregon to attend the Float Conference. This place changed my life in ways I never could have pictured even though it went way too quickly. I met some amazing individuals and had the best time. I took it all in and learned and observed as much as possible. I came home with a passion that nothing could break. That momentum still has me going forward. Every day I am making sure I am doing something to make my job easier when the time comes to either open my own Float center or until I find my “Dream Team,” that I feel good working with. I got so gung-ho at first and felt that I needed to do it yesterday, but now I have a much more realistic vision.

I have a few projects up in the air right now as we speak, and I have to trust that the right opportunity will be revealed to me as I take it day by day, executing ideas. I will actually know a lot more about where I will be headed today.

I think I mentioned this in an earlier post, how I would not be surprised if I moved 8 times in my first 2 years living on my own. I still feel that is an accurate statement. As of now I am still in Melbourne, Florida, but plan on leaving after my lease ends in December most likely. I told myself I would try and give Florida an honest year, and that is still the plan as of now. There are still many other parts to be explored, however, I am more open-minded to going where the opportunities are.

I feel that I just talked a whole lot about myself, but I wanted to give a basis for what the hell is going on, so things make more sense as I post going forward. I have learned many lessons so far in almost 6 months, but I will share those in the next post because this is a long one.

Thanks so much to all of you who didn’t unfollow through my WordPress hiatus. Much love to all of you โค

Post again real soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


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