What it’s Like to Work at a Float Center

Good evening friends. I never post at night, so this is a little out of the ordinary for me. I suppose it is good to not be in such a strict routine. I am doing my best to keep things interesting and exciting over here.

So I decided to post a little about what my work situation is like, what I love about it, the little obstacles, all of that fun stuff! Here we go:

First, I love that it gives people an opportunity to help themselves, by tapping into what they already have within them. Floating empowers people to become better versions of themselves. There is no, becoming dependent on someone else in this form of therapy. I love that you never know how a float will affect someone. I also love that I have to be humble and in the moment to learn everything I can. I am pretty sure I’m in this for the long haul, so I’m in a pretty great position. Oh, and also, I get to float whenever I want! There’s that.

Now what I don’t like so much. Salt gets everywhere! I expected this, but damn, it isn’t always easy to get off of things. You also get hot as hell cleaning, because of the humidity. Also, my OCD is having a field day as far as cleanliness is concerned. I make sure that the pods are spotless and there isn’t a single hair anywhere in the float suites or the showers, and I check the pod about five times for salt. I have learned to view hair as the devil these past few weeks. It is rather silly. So yeah, cleaning is the not so fun part, but it builds character if you let it. I’m kind of appreciating the lessons. One is that nothing worth having comes easy. Great things take some work. I am looking at the big picture here, and the amazing potential Souler Float has. So, I wouldn’t call that too negative.

Anyway, thats it for now. I will keep y’all posted. Have a great night💜


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