Where I’m at..! Finding my Way

Good morning friends. I’ve been on a journey, as you know. Though I know I am meant to be here, it is not always easy. I felt a wide variety of emotions the past week. I am doing my best to sit in a place of non-judgment.

I noticed that when I am on my own, my defects as well as my strengths are magnified. I think this is why it almost forces you to change and evolve if you are on a path of self-development. I made some positive choices for myself this week like joining a gym down here, and deciding to strictly limit my facebook use.

I noticed myself feeling lonely. I felt the need to investigate that and dig into it and embrace it. I noticed that facebook was kind of holding me back in a sense. It gave me the illusion of feeling less alone. I also saw myself holding on to things as they were. I didn’t move to hold on to the same things I held on to in New York. 

So that is my deal this week. I hope all is well with you, my friends. 

Talk to you soon. 


2 thoughts on “Where I’m at..! Finding my Way

  1. Thank you for posting such a personal blog. I can relate to how Facebook can bring you down. I have begun to refer to it as Maskbook. Most people only put their best self out there. Moving and being on your own is a courageous thing. Kudos to you my friend. Keep on keeping on.

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