A Little Difference Between Floating & Meditation

Good morning friends! Happy Monday. I have been very busy the past week getting settled in and doing things for my job. I am currently working on that thing called “balance.” I have had all this energy behind me and have been geting serious inspiration and ideas left and right, and I have been practicing acting on these ideas without hesitation. I think this is called acting on your intuition. I am learning!

I am determined to get floating more into the mainstream in this part of Florida, and so far it has been amazing. I just wanted to write a short little post on a difference between floating and regular meditation. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions out there. I don’t think someone who has never floated can really speak on the issue, just as someone without anxiety can feel real empathy toward someone that does suffer from anxiety. 

I am only going to describe a physiological difference for times sake this morning. Meditation can have similar effects for sure, but not for every person, and it may take a very long time to achieve these changes if ever.  

As humans, we may have a difficult time sticking to good habits. We seek pleasure and avoid pain. If we don’t see results in a certain time, it is not uncommon for us to give up. There are a lot of factors that play into why we do what we do. There are physical, mental, emotional and physiological facors at play. 

It can be difficult for us to just sit there and meditate every day for a set amount of time. Sure there are different kinds of meditation, but there are tons of distractions around us at all times that can prevent us from getting into a deep state. 

In the tank, a lot more theta waves are produced by the brain. The brain produces theta waves during R.E.M sleep, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, and the period right before sleep and waking. Theta is the border between our conscious and subconscious mind. Learning to use a conscious theta state allows us the potential to access parts of our subconscious that our regular waking consciousness does not. In a theta state, the mind is more primed for learning and visualization, and makes it easier for us to manifest desired outcomes.

It is the absence of sensory information that allows us to enter a theta state with ease. I am not knocking meditation by any means. I think it is a great practice, but I wanted to throw this information out there. I still encourage people to meditate regularly, because maybe other peoples’ brains aren’t as easily distracted 😛. 

Have a great day my friends 💜


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