Realizations, Acceptance and Love FTW

Good morning loves. I apologize again for not being as active on here. I will get in a good groove with everything soon, I promise. 

I started my new job yesterday! I am all settled in my new apartment. My Mom flew home yesterday. It was difficult leaving her, but I have had a lot to take care of that motivated me to be present and carry on. 

I absolutely love my new job. The people I work for are passionate and  thoughtful, and I couldn’t be happier at the moment about the way things are going over there. I couldn’t have  asked for a better first day really. It feels good to be appreciated and to be a part of a new beginning with potential to transform and help people. I feel like I have a greater purpose right now and I am following that passion. I went home and started doing more work for the company, because I wanted to. I haven’t been motivated like that in a long time. 

I got to float after work last night in one of the i-sopods, which I will post a picture of below so you can see how beautiful they are. My mind was a bit all over the place as it tends to be, especially with a lot of change, but I felt so much better afterwards. There was a moment in the tank that I wanted to be home because I thought about all of the amazing people in my life that I missed and wanted to be with, but I breathed through it and kept my goals and motivations in mind. I think it is very common for us to miss something or someone when they are gone (even though the idea that they are “gone” is an illusion in itself). I think a lesson I am here to learn is to just be where I am, and make that beautiful. Just because we may feel a certain way does not mean we need to act immediately on those emotions. In the pod I also realized that I was more of a brat than I cared to admit until really recently (hey, at least I am honest). I can see how sheltered I had been, and how it affected my behavior and was unintentionally conditioned into me. I feel that for someone my age, for someone where I am from at least, I was more responsible and independant than many, but my attitude was still bratty. I whined a lot when I had to do adult things sometimes, and procrastinated, and developed less than favorable habits. I expected certain things and wasn’t very mindful about my family while I lived with them. Looking back, there was so much more I could have appreciated. I definitely made progress, but I see how much more potential there is. It is all okay though. I can start where I am.

I already like the changes I see in myself so far, even though this will surely be a journey. I feel like I haven’t been as obsessive over certain things, and that is a huge relief and weight off my shoulders. I am eating a lot more mindfully and developing healthy habits for myself with ease. I suppose I am learning to enjoy the process 😊. 

Thanks for following, and I will try and be more consistent. Have a great rest of the week! 


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