Looking Back, Life is so Surreal… Remember Your Intentions Always

Good morning friends. Time is a weird concept right now. I realized this morning that I only have 2 more nights in my bed! In 2 days my room will be a lot more empty and I will be on the road! Well, kind of. My Mom and I are going to put my car on a train and take the train down. On the tracks is more accurate. 

My intentions for this post is to bring up the importance of intentions and visualization and the extraordinary impact they can have! I guess I heard about it for the first time from The Secret, about 5 years back. I got all motivated and made a board with goals and experiences/things I wanted to have  (or thought I wanted to have). Looking back I didn’t fully believe. I was still looking for HOW things would come about, which I can still do at times.

There is something about making decisions to do something that carries with it a level of faith. Even if you don’t feel anything, do yourself a solid and keep up the positive habit for the potential it can have. I have never been one for affirmations. I always dreaded them until recently. I kind of still do before I read them each morning, to be honest with you. I guess that is still just part of my attitude when I see how much progress there still is to make. One day I aspire to feel more excited about how far I still have to go, but I am not there yet! Everyone is different. I can be honest and say that it takes me serious effort and consistent positive habits to remain a positive person. It does not come naturally to me, but it is a privlige for me to persist and be how I want to be. I also take full responsibility for my life. 

Excuse my tangents, you know me by now ๐Ÿ˜‹. What I was getting at was that I really looked at my board this morning and took it all in. I saw how much I achieved in such a short  period of time and how as of now, it looks like things are flowing in accordance with my dreams. I have  definitely made some adjustments and my dreams have evolved for sure, but the essence of it all is coming true. It came together quite magically. It would have seemed rather impossible for all of this to come together in the timing that it has. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible if you would have asked me last year. I sure hoped it would be possible, but my left brain would have said hell no! 

The past year I got certified in Corrective Exercise, changed career focuses (though I will still train), improved my relationship with my self and family, learned to let people in more, got off an anxiety medication, started remembering my childhood more (that was an issue), found a job I am excited to be a part of, found a place to live AND will be living where I always wanted to live as a kid. I am just going with it for now, but have no idea where life will bring me. I know it will be cool though.

I view my board differetly than I did when I started it. My idea of living a good life has transformed. Rather than viewing it as a set point, I view it as a journey that I am on right now, and can improve on each moment. Instead of attaching my happiness to an end result, I know that the rest of these experiences and things will come as a result of being present and being grateful. Trusting is a big thing also. Yes it can feel weird trusting the unseen, but just try for now and be honest with where you’re at.

I didnt post this to brag about all that I achieved. If anything, I want people to take away that it is less about the material things and titles than we may think. I believe we should all aim high and do what we are being directed to if it feels right. However, it may help to analyze WHY we want to do something. Worst situation, we persue something that doesn’t end up being what we believed our purpose was. In this case, it is best to try and not feel like you failed or gave up or wasted resources. You didnt fail, you are allowed to change your mind A LOT! You can always make more money. I would go crazy if I spent significant time thinking of all the money I spent irresponsibly. Just move on with grace.

It is amazing what we can do with any amount of intention. Even the littlest amount of faith can build up a momentum in us. We are never a victim of our circumstances. I feel for everyone, because I know how hard and impossible life can feel. Take it from me though, that you CAN get through it, and eventually thrive. I wouldn’t say I am thriving yet, but I feel that it is truly possible now and that is a gift.

You don’t have to know exactly what you want right now, just start with where you are and go from there. The best thing you can do is continue a potentially positive habit. Time will pass anyway, so just stick with it. Do it for yourself and for others you may cross paths with. 

Much love๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜Š


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