Don’t Think so Much.. You are Doing Fine 😊✌🏼

Happy Friday guys! I woke up and realized that I had just about a week left in New York! I have a pretty good feeling this week will fly. I was thinking of something this morning that I have heard people say before about moving and it got my brain going (doesn’t take much 😛).

It is funny looking back at generalizations people make, implying that we are all the same. As humans, we have so many similarities, yet we perceive things so differently at the same time. We are such a huge contradiction as a species! Hopefully we can find humor in that. Sorry for the tangent, but the thing I remembered that was said was that you should never run from something because you will always be left with yourself. Basically, if you change locations, you will still be exactly the same person at the end of the day, with all the same “problems” etc. Though this makes a lot of sense, I disagree with it at this point in my life. Like I have said many times before, we are different versions of ourselves moment to moment, especially if we are on a path of self-discovery/self-improvement. Even if we come from the same source and can relate to each other, we all percieve the world so differently.

Though I completely agree that we probably should not move in hopes of escaping an issue within ourselves, we can never really speak for anyone else. It always helps to honestly look at your current circumstances and intentions for leaving a place. It also may help not to think so much. It is possible that a person will experience similar challenges after changing locations, but it is also equally as possible that they will not. I am not implying that one will not experience challenges. However, I am suggesting that it may be easier for one to create and experience new experiences more clearly with a new canvas, especially one with less dense surroundings.

I believe that the energy we put out determines what and who we attract into our lives. We can get a pretty good idea of how we are doing based on the types of people and experiences are coming at us. It is important to keep in mind that these experiences may be mixed and not always make sense. The residual plays a part in the present I have found. There have been many times where I consistently attracted higher vibration experiences and people, and would simultaneously attract less favorable ones. I think this may be due to our subconscious attachment to that dark part of ourselves, as we can become addicted to our bad habits. So, be patient with yourself and do not think you are failing because things are not perfect. Look at things overall, and judge based on that. Make whatever changes you see fit. Nobody knows better than you! 💜

We all have different priorities and paths, which is a truly beautiful thing. I think it is our privlige to follow our nudges when we feel in our hearts that it is time to take a leap. I think the decision alone has the power to transcend a lot for us and others. I haven’t felt a momentum quite this intense before, so you better believe I am backing it up with action.

I encourage you to make a decision to do something that your mind has been is telling you is crazy. You will thank me later 😛💜. Have a great weekend friends! 


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