Change Your Words and Maximize Your Potential 💜

Good morning loves. I had mentioned this in my post over the weekend, but felt like elaborating on it. We all have different things that work for us, as we are all motivated by different things. I noticed that the words I use make a huge difference in the way I act. I also noticed that I have preconceived ideas around the word “goal,” and I am going to stop using it as much going forward. This is why:

I have been doing a lot of reading on Zen lately and it has shifted my awareness. To me, the word goal implies that we are not where we are “supposed” to be. From what I have been realizing lately, there is no finish-line in life. There is no end.  I believe that energy is forever. I do not know about all the hows, but that is my current belief. We will never be “there.” We are here on Earth to be HOW we decide to be. It is our privlige to learn, evolve, and change our perspectives and views as we encounter new information. It helps to have an open-mind of course. Being so rigid in our beliefs closes us off and limits us.

What I noticed was that the word goal, appears more of an idea than something I am actually serious about. I have achieved certain things in my life, but shortly after achieving most of them, my enthusiasm around them dissipated. It feel that this was due to my attachment to the end result. Attachments lead to emptiness I have learned. 

I realized that I am more motivated by positive habits first and foremost. They are things we can work on in the here and now. When I am structured and feel good, I am motivated to improve and want to do more. These habits for me include exercising, journaling/writing, taking a few moments throughout the day to meditate, and practicing principles that resonate with my soul. These principles include honesty, having an open-mind, acceptance, and perseverance. I add to them depending on what I notice that I need improvement on, but the principles above are ones I stick to. I feel that these ways of being for me create opportunity instead of attachment. This is why I decided to use the term: “way of being,” instead of “goal.” I just take it more seriously for whatever reason. This term just seems more real to me. Goal just seems like it is somewhere floating around in the future. I like things I can actively work on now that I feel good about each day. Maybe I’m just a freak!! 😝

I just wanted to share this with you to encourage you to try new things. I think it can serve us to examine our beliefs around words and ideas and possibly maximize our potential. Why the hell not?! 

Have a great day friends. 😊


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