Trust Your Vibes.. More on Intuition

I think most of us can relate to feeling energy around people or situations we come across. Some of us are more aware or this than others. It took me some time to acknowledge this and I am just learning to trust it. Intuition is a very real thing. Intuition can give us a lot of valuable information about what we should act on, and what we   should possibly avoid. People that make decisions based on their intuition are said to be successful in the work they do.

Intuition can tell us when to try harder and when to let go of a situation. There is only so much we can invest, and it is on us to decide when we have invested enough. This is probably the trickiest aspect for me. I like to hold on just to be sure πŸ˜›. 

I think it is beneficial to consult your intuition and assess if what was working for you before is still working for you in the same way. Things are constantly changing though they may look familiar. It may require a small change or a more extreme measure. We may look back one day and be amazed at how we got where we are through building this gift.

Relationships can transform or fall away through this guidance. Accepting this is part of the process. I have had relationships where there simply wasn’t anything else to work with at the time. When you detach and step away for a while, it can pave the way for something beautiful and possibly sustainable down the line. We must be honest about our intentions.

There are not a lot of areas that intuition can not help us. Like anything else, developing it takes practice. Generally the more we think, the less we trust what our inner voice is trying to tell us. It can help to remember that we all have this capability within us. It is not limited to a select few. We can develop it by engaging in activities like meditation, yoga or other activities that bring us to the present and allow us to assess what is going on in our mind and body. We have to be quiet to listen!


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