New Ways of Being ๐Ÿ’œ: Health Goals, Changing Your Vocabulary.

Happy Sunday my friends! I hope your weekends treated you all well. Mine was quite blissful. Right now I am just enjoying where I am, while setting goals for my new life.

If we could see with clear eyes all the time, the world would be a very different place I think. I made a decision to be more in my body and in touch with how I am feeling and what is going on. I fasted yesterday to assess how I was feeling. It wasn’t bad. It was nice to give my digestive system a little break. I plan on doing this again, possibly weekly or more. I have heard time-restricted eating was beneficial for muscle building and endurance. However, I know myself quite well by this time, so it is best for me to ease into things. When I become too rigid too quickly, I welcome failure.

It is important to keep our motivations and intentions for doing things honest, and upfront with ourselves. This is not a means to control how I look, it is for my energy, mood, and health. When you give your body a break, it doesnt have to work as hard to eliminate waste and toxins, and your immune system functions more efficiently.

So, those are my intentions for my new way of being, eat more mindfully, and challenge myself more physically, AND not become obsessive an ego-driven/ soulless being in the process ๐Ÿ˜‹. This happens when we become attached to results. This takes us out of the present. I am not sure how to ensure this. There is such a fine line between liking the results we are   getting, and deriving our sense of worth according to what we look like. 

This may be more of a struggle for individuals like myself who have addictive tendencies in them. I welcome any feedback. For now, I feel great. I will listen to my body, and not sacrifice my health by abandoning my building blocks (micronutrients). I abandoned the word goal in this post, because to me that implies attachment to results. I may abandon it all together because to me the term , way of being rings more true and in alignment with my intentions. I also choose for the time being to avoid eating animals/ animal products. I always encourage others to listen to their bodies and inner guidance. I am aware that my path isn’t everyone elses. However, building myself up does not include tearing other beings down or exploiting their resources. I think this is part of my spiritual amends.

So, that is my deal for today. I challenge you to pick one aspect of your physical health and take any measure, however small it may seem, to improve your current state of being. It can be as small as taking your vitamins! Our physical health affects our mood and everything else, so it is on us, and noone else to become proactive. Have a great Sunday! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


9 thoughts on “New Ways of Being ๐Ÿ’œ: Health Goals, Changing Your Vocabulary.

  1. I feel like people today are so detatched from our body’s signals – it’s really cool that you are getting back in tune! I’m inspired by this post – I aim to drink more water today and tomorrow! Such a struggle for me cause I love my coffee and tea.

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