Morning Contemplations🤔.. Never Too Early to Go Down the Rabbit Hole

Good morning friends. I was journaling this morning and something came up that made me think. I was journaling on gratitude and how it is so much easier for me to really FEEL grateful with what I have had and with what I have, knowing that nothing is truly permanent. When we feel stuck in a situation or feel complacent with life, it may be difficult for us to really feel appreciation for things. When things become the norm, we may take them for granted or EXPECT them without much thought. I am speaking from my experience at least.

I thought about the potential ways my move would transform my current consciousness (I know I shouldn’t get so caught up in the future, but it is a habit I am working on). Anyway, I was thinking that I may feel guilty for not having appreciated everything I was privileged with. Then I told myself that I rarely physically acted on my frustrations. I told myself that I did the best that I could as far as coping went. I have heard before that the only real things are the actions and what actually happened in a situation without the emotions attached. This makes sense at first, but then I thought how thoughts and feelings are actually energy. Our thoughts and feelings are creative and they affect us, and everything and everyone around us. SO, which one is it then? 

I want to go with the second explanation. The first seems kind of like a cop out I think. Though it may alleviate responsibility and allow you to drop things faster, I think taking responsibility for our feelings is where true healing and change can take place. This requires consistent action and building of positive habits. There are no short cuts in building sustainable change. It does us no good to dwell and beat ourselves over the head with guilt of course, but we can always accept that we were doing our best with what we had at the time and do our best to FEEL grateful now. We can then work on being better toward the people that have always been there for us. We can start by living better now. 

Have a lovely day 😃


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