Just Things

Hello my people. Today is a snowy/icy day on Long Island. Almost everything is closed. My job was open today, but I was told I didn’t have to go in. I am in a state of acceptance with whatever the weather brings because my time in New York is winding down.

The past few days I began going through my things to make the move as low stress as possible. I take pride in not being too materialistic in a day and age where many are. I am getting rid of what I don’t use. De-cluttering has led me to re-evaluate certain beliefs.

I found certain items I have had since I was young. I feel like a lot of people hold on to things because of how long they have been with them, as if time adds value to something (unless they are savings bonds, alcohol or stock, it probably doesn’t really). Even if you don’t use something, and it sits there collecting dust, it may feel “wrong” discarding it. I found this funny.

I found things my Grandma had passed on to me, like old watches. My Grandma is still alive, and I am blessed to still have her living a good quality of life. Things like that, I would have a difficult time getting rid of because I know she would want me to keep them, so I shall. I still find it silly though. Anyway, I thought about the difference between my generation and my Grandma and even my Mother’s generation in terms of values and attachments. I obviously can not speak for everyone. I may be considered a weirdo for my efforts and passion for examining and exploring the depths of my consciousness. However, I know today is as good a time as any for us to explore and re-create ourselves. Though there are prevalent extremes going on in the World around us, many are becoming more aware and awake, and trying to become the best versions of themselves than ever before. 

I could be wrong, but I feel like earlier generations defined themselves more by the objects that they owned. If my Grandma lost a piece of jewelery that her mother had given her, she would probably invest a lot more emotional energy into that perceived loss than I would most likely. I am not saying that I wouldnt care, I just think that we may be more equipped and aware today to not let experiences like this affect us for extended periods of time. I am not looking down on earlier generations either, I am just putting the idea out there from an evolutionary perspective. Of course maybe this is not the case, just my daily contemplations. 

I was never really into expensive things. In fact, it is kind of a turn off to me when people are obsessed with material objects. I don’t plan on accumulating much in this life. As of now I have no intentions of having children, but if I do, they will not have many objects passed on to them to “remember” me by.

I definitely got side-tracked there. Anyway, I think clearing out clutter can be very relieving and therapeutic. It can be empowering to get the opportunity to examine beliefs you hold around things with form. After all, too many attachments can cause us pain that we may not even realize is there after a while. I was happy to see how much easier and natural it feels today to let things go. I challenge you to get rid of any 2 objects that collect dust, in your closet, on a shelf, or wherever!

Have a happy Tuesday friends😊


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