Adapting to a New Environment: Appreciate What you Have

Hey guys! I am currently in Florida. This week and the weeks to come are going to be some of the busiest I have yet to experience. I got an update from my new job, and I will be starting in just a few weeks. I found a place to live yesterday! Today I have a lot of driving to do around this beautiful state.

I got to see some awesome friends and family while down here. The weather is beautiful. The drivers, not so much. It seems like you are risking your life every time you get on I95 down here. It is straight out of Nascar shit.

Tonight I will feel soo much more at ease when I make it to Justin’s apartment safe and sound. I am seeing what I need to adapt to down here. It definitely takes a lot more planning and effort to be healthy in this area. You don’t relaize how good you have it until certain things aren’t so accessible to you. We can take things like clean water and healthy food for granted. The water down here is crap, so is most food. Everything is cooked in butter and my energy is lacking for sure and my anxiety is definitely making an appearance. My mindset is still alright though. I did my best to stay active with whatever time I had free. I definitely had to compromise.

Anyway, besides all that, things are unfolding nicely. I am grateful. I feel more prepared and motivated to set myself up for success here. I know what I need, and I wont settle for less. I can separate my physical body and the way it feels from my mental state and not be held back by it. My emotions are not running me and that is a blessing. I am taking things one step at a time.

Have a good one friends!


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