To Be Born Human Implies The Necessity for Recovery From Our Common Suffering

Good morning beautiful humans. I read some of The Zen of Recovey, by Mel Ash this morning and was inspired to point out some simple concepts that always serve as a nice reminder for living a peaceful life. I am so fascinated by this book if you can’t tell. The passage I read was on the background of how twelve step programs came into existence. As I have mentioned, I have a tremendous respect for the concepts involved in living a recovery based life. When I say recovery, I mean recovery from any symptoms of the suffering we received automatically from being born human in this life!

Ash described how Bill W, the founder of AA had insisted on his own relative insignificance and by doing so, suggested that anyone can do what he did, and recover from his condition. It is so important to be humble so others can relate to you, and you can relate to them as well.

Bill may not have been religious, but he studied religion in formulating his program. He found that it was a theme that religion involved deflation of the ego. Once the ego is deflated, people can become ready to surrender and become open to a new way of living. We must acknowledge that some of our previous ideas may not have been the truth and do our best to keep an open mind in our day to day lives. I think it is beneficial to anyone, to not hold such rigid beliefs that are so resistant to change when presented with another potential truth.

There is a principle in Buddhism that points out that to be born human implies the necessity for recovery from our common suffering (Ash, 56). It is beautiful that so many varieties of support groups now exist. When suffering is shared and processed, and people are given the opportunity to see that they are not so unique and alone, healing can happen. I especially love that Ash doesn’t need to use a label to describe the suffering of the human condition. We are all human, even if that suffering manifests itself in different ways. None of us are immune to being alive (Ash, 57). Whether it be alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction to sex or gambling, or anxiety, it is of the same essence!

When we acknowledge that we too experience a level of suffering just like everybody else, we become more open to healing and becoming more evolved and just inevitably becoming a more badass human being! We all deserve as much peace as we can get in this life. When we gain more peace, others around us gain that same opportunity. 

Have a great day friends! 🙂


12 thoughts on “To Be Born Human Implies The Necessity for Recovery From Our Common Suffering

  1. 1. I heard a phrase today ” we are not our mind”…what u think about it?
    2. “When we acknowledge that we too experience a level of suffering just like everybody else, we become more open to healing and becoming more evolved” – I need to be better in “it”. But it’s so difficult sometimes: “to feel” or “to understand how others feel it”

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    1. That is a very interesting one I have heard as well. I go down a rabbit hole whenever I think about it hahah. I think we are more than our minds, but our mind is how we experience the world. Our intuition can guide us, but I feel that it is all connected. There is no true way to turn off our minds completely. As for 2, I don’t think we need to feel exactly what others feel, just acknowledge that we have our own quirks and things about us/things we do that cause us pain as well. The nature of the pain can be different, but it all comes from the same place I think.

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  2. I agree we can’t turn off our minds but hopefully we can distract it 🙂 and probably the most important question: how to turn off the negative thinking…which is really difficult sometimes. About second – I have to agree but I really need to work with it. I feel sometimes I lack the empathy- to people. But never – to animals..

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