Looking Back, Life is so Surreal… Remember Your Intentions Always

Good morning friends. Time is a weird concept right now. I realized this morning that I only have 2 more nights in my bed! In 2 days my room will be a lot more empty and I will be on the road! Well, kind of. My Mom and I are going to put my car on a train and take the train down. On the tracks is more accurate. 

My intentions for this post is to bring up the importance of intentions and visualization and the extraordinary impact they can have! I guess I heard about it for the first time from The Secret, about 5 years back. I got all motivated and made a board with goals and experiences/things I wanted to have  (or thought I wanted to have). Looking back I didn’t fully believe. I was still looking for HOW things would come about, which I can still do at times.

There is something about making decisions to do something that carries with it a level of faith. Even if you don’t feel anything, do yourself a solid and keep up the positive habit for the potential it can have. I have never been one for affirmations. I always dreaded them until recently. I kind of still do before I read them each morning, to be honest with you. I guess that is still just part of my attitude when I see how much progress there still is to make. One day I aspire to feel more excited about how far I still have to go, but I am not there yet! Everyone is different. I can be honest and say that it takes me serious effort and consistent positive habits to remain a positive person. It does not come naturally to me, but it is a privlige for me to persist and be how I want to be. I also take full responsibility for my life. 

Excuse my tangents, you know me by now πŸ˜‹. What I was getting at was that I really looked at my board this morning and took it all in. I saw how much I achieved in such a short  period of time and how as of now, it looks like things are flowing in accordance with my dreams. I have  definitely made some adjustments and my dreams have evolved for sure, but the essence of it all is coming true. It came together quite magically. It would have seemed rather impossible for all of this to come together in the timing that it has. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible if you would have asked me last year. I sure hoped it would be possible, but my left brain would have said hell no! 

The past year I got certified in Corrective Exercise, changed career focuses (though I will still train), improved my relationship with my self and family, learned to let people in more, got off an anxiety medication, started remembering my childhood more (that was an issue), found a job I am excited to be a part of, found a place to live AND will be living where I always wanted to live as a kid. I am just going with it for now, but have no idea where life will bring me. I know it will be cool though.

I view my board differetly than I did when I started it. My idea of living a good life has transformed. Rather than viewing it as a set point, I view it as a journey that I am on right now, and can improve on each moment. Instead of attaching my happiness to an end result, I know that the rest of these experiences and things will come as a result of being present and being grateful. Trusting is a big thing also. Yes it can feel weird trusting the unseen, but just try for now and be honest with where you’re at.

I didnt post this to brag about all that I achieved. If anything, I want people to take away that it is less about the material things and titles than we may think. I believe we should all aim high and do what we are being directed to if it feels right. However, it may help to analyze WHY we want to do something. Worst situation, we persue something that doesn’t end up being what we believed our purpose was. In this case, it is best to try and not feel like you failed or gave up or wasted resources. You didnt fail, you are allowed to change your mind A LOT! You can always make more money. I would go crazy if I spent significant time thinking of all the money I spent irresponsibly. Just move on with grace.

It is amazing what we can do with any amount of intention. Even the littlest amount of faith can build up a momentum in us. We are never a victim of our circumstances. I feel for everyone, because I know how hard and impossible life can feel. Take it from me though, that you CAN get through it, and eventually thrive. I wouldn’t say I am thriving yet, but I feel that it is truly possible now and that is a gift.

You don’t have to know exactly what you want right now, just start with where you are and go from there. The best thing you can do is continue a potentially positive habit. Time will pass anyway, so just stick with it. Do it for yourself and for others you may cross paths with. 

Much loveπŸ’œπŸ˜Š


“Ego-Death” and Things

My final days as a New Yorker have been beautiful and eye-opening. A lot of realizations continue to come to me, and I appreciate the journey, as intense as it can feel.Β 

Last night was powerful. I felt a shift to where I felt like a weight was lifted. I thought of how fast life really goes, and I thought about what I really wanted out of life. I thought about what I would like to experience as well. I considered what I wanted to feel like in life, and who I wanted to continue becoming.Β 

I saw how very few things go according to plan in life. We might think we know the way a situation will go, and then it plays out in a totally different way. I also saw my attachment to the outcomes of situations and how I had previously believed that my happiness would come from being at a certain point in life.

I saw so clearly how fearful I was of being forgotten, and then I just felt how impermanent it all is! I cried it out for about 20 minutes and then felt a sense of relief. I know it will all be okay, and I actually feel fabulous today. I don’t particularly like the term “ego-death,” to be honest, becauase I feel like it can be misinterpreted easily. It is impossible to not have an ego. It affects all of us on certain levels at different times throughout our lives. I did however, have a recognition of the idea that humans seek to be defined in some way. We categorize everything, and label it. We need to know the time, and where we are, and what is going on. We have constant desires for things to go our way. In this moment, I realized I have no idea what the hell I am without those things. I also know that this is okay. I feel relieved and can breathe easier today.Β 

So anyway, thats where I am at. I leave New York for Melbourne, Florida early in the morning on Saturday. I am almost all packed and am taking it all in. Tomorrow will be Β nice because it will be my last float session at my favorite place in NY, and then I am going out with some friends to say goodbye to most of them. I have a whole new level of appreciation and love for life, and gratitude is coming easier than ever.Β 

I hope the week has been good. I shall keep you posted my friends!Β 

Don’t Think so Much.. You are Doing Fine πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸΌ

Happy Friday guys! I woke up and realized that I had just about a week left in New York! I have a pretty good feeling this week will fly. I was thinking of something this morning that I have heard people say before about moving and it got my brain going (doesn’t take much πŸ˜›).

It is funny looking back at generalizations people make, implying that we are all the same. As humans, we have so many similarities, yet we perceive things so differently at the same time. We are such a huge contradiction as a species! Hopefully we can find humor in that. Sorry for the tangent, but the thing I remembered that was said was that you should never run from something because you will always be left with yourself. Basically, if you change locations, you will still be exactly the same person at the end of the day, with all the same “problems” etc. Though this makes a lot of sense, I disagree with it at this point in my life. Like I have said many times before, we are different versions of ourselves moment to moment, especially if we are on a path of self-discovery/self-improvement. Even if we come from the same source and can relate to each other, we all percieve the world so differently.

Though I completely agree that we probably should not move in hopes of escaping an issue within ourselves, we can never really speak for anyone else. It always helps to honestly look at your current circumstances and intentions for leaving a place. It also may help not to think so much. It is possible that a person will experience similar challenges after changing locations, but it is also equally as possible that they will not. I am not implying that one will not experience challenges. However, I am suggesting that it may be easier for one to create and experience new experiences more clearly with a new canvas, especially one with less dense surroundings.

I believe that the energy we put out determines what and who we attract into our lives. We can get a pretty good idea of how we are doing based on the types of people and experiences are coming at us. It is important to keep in mind that these experiences may be mixed and not always make sense. The residual plays a part in the present I have found. There have been many times where I consistently attracted higher vibration experiences and people, and would simultaneously attract less favorable ones. I think this may be due to our subconscious attachment to that dark part of ourselves, as we can become addicted to our bad habits. So, be patient with yourself and do not think you are failing because things are not perfect. Look at things overall, and judge based on that. Make whatever changes you see fit. Nobody knows better than you! πŸ’œ

We all have different priorities and paths, which is a truly beautiful thing. I think it is our privlige to follow our nudges when we feel in our hearts that it is time to take a leap. I think the decision alone has the power to transcend a lot for us and others. I haven’t felt a momentum quite this intense before, so you better believe I am backing it up with action.

I encourage you to make a decision to do something that your mind has been is telling you is crazy. You will thank me later πŸ˜›πŸ’œ. Have a great weekend friends! 

Change Your Words and Maximize Your Potential πŸ’œ

Good morning loves. I had mentioned this in my post over the weekend, but felt like elaborating on it. We all have different things that work for us, as we are all motivated by different things. I noticed that the words I use make a huge difference in the way I act. I also noticed that I have preconceived ideas around the word “goal,” and I am going to stop using it as much going forward. This is why:

I have been doing a lot of reading on Zen lately and it has shifted my awareness. To me, the word goal implies that we are not where we are “supposed” to be. From what I have been realizing lately, there is no finish-line in life. There is no end.  I believe that energy is forever. I do not know about all the hows, but that is my current belief. We will never be “there.” We are here on Earth to be HOW we decide to be. It is our privlige to learn, evolve, and change our perspectives and views as we encounter new information. It helps to have an open-mind of course. Being so rigid in our beliefs closes us off and limits us.

What I noticed was that the word goal, appears more of an idea than something I am actually serious about. I have achieved certain things in my life, but shortly after achieving most of them, my enthusiasm around them dissipated. It feel that this was due to my attachment to the end result. Attachments lead to emptiness I have learned. 

I realized that I am more motivated by positive habits first and foremost. They are things we can work on in the here and now. When I am structured and feel good, I am motivated to improve and want to do more. These habits for me include exercising, journaling/writing, taking a few moments throughout the day to meditate, and practicing principles that resonate with my soul. These principles include honesty, having an open-mind, acceptance, and perseverance. I add to them depending on what I notice that I need improvement on, but the principles above are ones I stick to. I feel that these ways of being for me create opportunity instead of attachment. This is why I decided to use the term: “way of being,” instead of “goal.” I just take it more seriously for whatever reason. This term just seems more real to me. Goal just seems like it is somewhere floating around in the future. I like things I can actively work on now that I feel good about each day. Maybe I’m just a freak!! 😝

I just wanted to share this with you to encourage you to try new things. I think it can serve us to examine our beliefs around words and ideas and possibly maximize our potential. Why the hell not?! 

Have a great day friends. 😊

Trust Your Vibes.. More on Intuition

I think most of us can relate to feeling energy around people or situations we come across. Some of us are more aware or this than others. It took me some time to acknowledge this and I am just learning to trust it. Intuition is a very real thing. Intuition can give us a lot of valuable information about what we should act on, and what we   should possibly avoid. People that make decisions based on their intuition are said to be successful in the work they do.

Intuition can tell us when to try harder and when to let go of a situation. There is only so much we can invest, and it is on us to decide when we have invested enough. This is probably the trickiest aspect for me. I like to hold on just to be sure πŸ˜›. 

I think it is beneficial to consult your intuition and assess if what was working for you before is still working for you in the same way. Things are constantly changing though they may look familiar. It may require a small change or a more extreme measure. We may look back one day and be amazed at how we got where we are through building this gift.

Relationships can transform or fall away through this guidance. Accepting this is part of the process. I have had relationships where there simply wasn’t anything else to work with at the time. When you detach and step away for a while, it can pave the way for something beautiful and possibly sustainable down the line. We must be honest about our intentions.

There are not a lot of areas that intuition can not help us. Like anything else, developing it takes practice. Generally the more we think, the less we trust what our inner voice is trying to tell us. It can help to remember that we all have this capability within us. It is not limited to a select few. We can develop it by engaging in activities like meditation, yoga or other activities that bring us to the present and allow us to assess what is going on in our mind and body. We have to be quiet to listen!

New Ways of Being πŸ’œ: Health Goals, Changing Your Vocabulary.

Happy Sunday my friends! I hope your weekends treated you all well. Mine was quite blissful. Right now I am just enjoying where I am, while setting goals for my new life.

If we could see with clear eyes all the time, the world would be a very different place I think. I made a decision to be more in my body and in touch with how I am feeling and what is going on. I fasted yesterday to assess how I was feeling. It wasn’t bad. It was nice to give my digestive system a little break. I plan on doing this again, possibly weekly or more. I have heard time-restricted eating was beneficial for muscle building and endurance. However, I know myself quite well by this time, so it is best for me to ease into things. When I become too rigid too quickly, I welcome failure.

It is important to keep our motivations and intentions for doing things honest, and upfront with ourselves. This is not a means to control how I look, it is for my energy, mood, and health. When you give your body a break, it doesnt have to work as hard to eliminate waste and toxins, and your immune system functions more efficiently.

So, those are my intentions for my new way of being, eat more mindfully, and challenge myself more physically, AND not become obsessive an ego-driven/ soulless being in the process πŸ˜‹. This happens when we become attached to results. This takes us out of the present. I am not sure how to ensure this. There is such a fine line between liking the results we are   getting, and deriving our sense of worth according to what we look like. 

This may be more of a struggle for individuals like myself who have addictive tendencies in them. I welcome any feedback. For now, I feel great. I will listen to my body, and not sacrifice my health by abandoning my building blocks (micronutrients). I abandoned the word goal in this post, because to me that implies attachment to results. I may abandon it all together because to me the term , way of being rings more true and in alignment with my intentions. I also choose for the time being to avoid eating animals/ animal products. I always encourage others to listen to their bodies and inner guidance. I am aware that my path isn’t everyone elses. However, building myself up does not include tearing other beings down or exploiting their resources. I think this is part of my spiritual amends.

So, that is my deal for today. I challenge you to pick one aspect of your physical health and take any measure, however small it may seem, to improve your current state of being. It can be as small as taking your vitamins! Our physical health affects our mood and everything else, so it is on us, and noone else to become proactive. Have a great Sunday! πŸ˜ƒ

Morning ContemplationsπŸ€”.. Never Too Early to Go Down the Rabbit Hole

Good morning friends. I was journaling this morning and something came up that made me think. I was journaling on gratitude and how it is so much easier for me to really FEEL grateful with what I have had and with what I have, knowing that nothing is truly permanent. When we feel stuck in a situation or feel complacent with life, it may be difficult for us to really feel appreciation for things. When things become the norm, we may take them for granted or EXPECT them without much thought. I am speaking from my experience at least.

I thought about the potential ways my move would transform my current consciousness (I know I shouldn’t get so caught up in the future, but it is a habit I am working on). Anyway, I was thinking that I may feel guilty for not having appreciated everything I was privileged with. Then I told myself that I rarely physically acted on my frustrations. I told myself that I did the best that I could as far as coping went. I have heard before that the only real things are the actions and what actually happened in a situation without the emotions attached. This makes sense at first, but then I thought how thoughts and feelings are actually energy. Our thoughts and feelings are creative and they affect us, and everything and everyone around us. SO, which one is it then? 

I want to go with the second explanation. The first seems kind of like a cop out I think. Though it may alleviate responsibility and allow you to drop things faster, I think taking responsibility for our feelings is where true healing and change can take place. This requires consistent action and building of positive habits. There are no short cuts in building sustainable change. It does us no good to dwell and beat ourselves over the head with guilt of course, but we can always accept that we were doing our best with what we had at the time and do our best to FEEL grateful now. We can then work on being better toward the people that have always been there for us. We can start by living better now. 

Have a lovely day πŸ˜ƒ

Just Things

Hello my people. Today is a snowy/icy day on Long Island. Almost everything is closed. My job was open today, but I was told I didn’t have to go in. I am in a state of acceptance with whatever the weather brings because my time in New York is winding down.

The past few days I began going through my things to make the move as low stress as possible. I take pride in not being too materialistic in a day and age where many are. I am getting rid of what I don’t use. De-cluttering has led me to re-evaluate certain beliefs.

I found certain items I have had since I was young. I feel like a lot of people hold on to things because of how long they have been with them, as if time adds value to something (unless they are savings bonds, alcohol or stock, it probably doesn’t really). Even if you don’t use something, and it sits there collecting dust, it may feel “wrong” discarding it. I found this funny.

I found things my Grandma had passed on to me, like old watches. My Grandma is still alive, and I am blessed to still have her living a good quality of life. Things like that, I would have a difficult time getting rid of because I know she would want me to keep them, so I shall. I still find it silly though. Anyway, I thought about the difference between my generation and my Grandma and even my Mother’s generation in terms of values and attachments. I obviously can not speak for everyone. I may be considered a weirdo for my efforts and passion for examining and exploring the depths of my consciousness. However, I know today is as good a time as any for us to explore and re-create ourselves. Though there are prevalent extremes going on in the World around us, many are becoming more aware and awake, and trying to become the best versions of themselves than ever before. 

I could be wrong, but I feel like earlier generations defined themselves more by the objects that they owned. If my Grandma lost a piece of jewelery that her mother had given her, she would probably invest a lot more emotional energy into that perceived loss than I would most likely. I am not saying that I wouldnt care, I just think that we may be more equipped and aware today to not let experiences like this affect us for extended periods of time. I am not looking down on earlier generations either, I am just putting the idea out there from an evolutionary perspective. Of course maybe this is not the case, just my daily contemplations. 

I was never really into expensive things. In fact, it is kind of a turn off to me when people are obsessed with material objects. I don’t plan on accumulating much in this life. As of now I have no intentions of having children, but if I do, they will not have many objects passed on to them to “remember” me by.

I definitely got side-tracked there. Anyway, I think clearing out clutter can be very relieving and therapeutic. It can be empowering to get the opportunity to examine beliefs you hold around things with form. After all, too many attachments can cause us pain that we may not even realize is there after a while. I was happy to see how much easier and natural it feels today to let things go. I challenge you to get rid of any 2 objects that collect dust, in your closet, on a shelf, or wherever!

Have a happy Tuesday friends😊

Pointing Out a B.S Article When You See One

Good morning friends. I saw an article on my Facebook feed this morning that stuck out to me. I have been seeing articles similar to this here and there and something about it just does not resonate with my soul. There is so much information out there, way too much in fact. It can be overwhelming for people to sort through it all. It is easy for people to fall into a trap of believing something if they aren’t in their optimal state, and lets face it, most of us are not all the time in this fast paced world.

So anyway, this article was titled “If you Stay Friends With an Ex, You are Probably a Psychopath.” Yeah, because that title doesn’t sound at all consescending, or suggest that there is a cookie cutter approach to life and relationships. I understand where this person may have been coming from when they suggested that wanting to remain friends with an ex can be a way for people with narcisistic tendencies to want to feel like they won, or that they have an upper hand in the situation. This makes sense, however, I think this is more of an unconscious thing also. After break-ups, it is pretty much normal for the people involved to experience emotional distress and vulnerability. I can see how an extreme narcissist or psychopath can see this and want to feed on it. I can’t exactly place myself in this mindset, because I don’t experience these motivations, but I am doing my best to relate.

I also understand the view that this article took, suggesting that people may want to remain friends with an ex for potential “benefits.” Again, I do not do this, but in our society a lot of people may have fear over not having enough or struggle with entitlement issues. I have an ex that it didn’t work out with as a romantic relationship, but consider him one of my closest friends. I think this definitely takes maturity, serious honesty and acceptance and kind of “unconditional” love. If a situation feels good for both people and still brings them both happiness and positive connection, then why the hell not remain friends! As long as your egos aren’t causing chaos for either of you, enjoy that shit! Overall, I think the article generalized way too much. I am curious to know how the groups were selected. I highly doubt these subjects had high levels of awareness of self. 

If you choose some people who practice mindfulness in their daily lives, I guarantee that the results will be very different than if you went to a club or shopping mall. I just think it is important to consider things like this before seeing something as “valid.” Amongst the individuals who operate unconsciously, there are many who are waking up and honestly trying to live better lives. Of course there are narcistic trends today considering the state that the World is in, but more of the shifted people should be involved in studies. There is hope for humans. I believe in us πŸ˜›. There is no right way to do life. 

Trust your vibes!