Life is a Second in Infinity

Hey friends! I miss being on here like I was, but life has been calling me all over the place, and I have been flowing with it. I received an update from the job I plan on taking in Melbourne, Florida. My new bosses emailed me and told me that they want me to start in early April. I was originally supposed to start in mid April to mid June due to renovations taking place at the center. SO, I got right to it and started looking into places to live.

I received this update yesterday morning, so it is still becoming real to me. I thought I would have more time, but I very well may not! I have come to realize that the idea of being “ready,” is an illusion.

I had a powerful weekend of putting things into perspective and shifting my perception of life. I went on a little journey, and it brought me to some beautiful places. I revisited some childhood memories and saw them in a different light. I saw the love that was there, instead of what was missing. I saw how time, how most of us think of it, is truly an illusion. Many times in this life, i felt like things would never change or get better. Then I saw clearly how things really change in an instant, no matter how you judge whatever your circumstances are.

I saw how blessed I was to have had such an amazing, loving mother. I saw how we had butted heads at different times and how judgmental I was. I saw my empty room that I thought would always be full of my things, and I saw it all dissipate. My childhood home vanished and my family went its separate ways like it had at different times throughout my life. I saw years fly by like minutes in front of me and I realized in that  moment that each life was a second in infinity. I saw my attachments to things good and bad, and how they had weighed me down. I saw the attachments of humanity and the pain that they caused.

This vision shifted me to a place of freedom and clarity I had never experienced quite like this before. I feel a lot lighter, but of course not without emotion. I will miss things as they were, but I am no longer holding on so tightly. Life will be beautiful in every stage. I took my power that I had invested so much in attachments and am now using that to create. My mindset is refreshed.

Have a lovely Monday friends! πŸ’–


7 thoughts on “Life is a Second in Infinity

      1. Same here. When I was a teen I watched I remember..but now – can’t waste my time for that :)) it will be gone after a while ..- the sadness. Oh, it’s such a fun – new STEP in your life 😎πŸ’ͺ

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