Clear Lenses

Lessons from heartaches carry with them some of the greatest gifts imaginable. When you accept responsibility regardless of the outcome, something amazing happens. You continue to grow without getting bitter. You don’t close yourself off to possibilities and opportunities that you deserve.

Considering our state of mind at a time when we met a person or encountered a situation can expalin a lot to us. For example, if we were in a time of despair or uncertainty, we may attract people or situations that can serve as a kind of escape for us. We may think it is true love, or a way of life we can maintain, until those things no longer make us feel good. That doesn’t mean they are bad, they may just not be for us! This can take the resembelance of an addiction in any form. We can become drawn to way of thinking or a compulsive behavior that may seem to serve us until it consumes us and sucks the life right out of us.

I am grateful to see with clear lenses again. I am thankful for the roles many served, despite the pain that was experienced. I learned that I am not so fragile to the point where I can not cope with life situations. I have learned that I am just as capable as anybody and that I have my best interests at heart. I am learning to trust even my inner critic, and see what it is trying to offer me, instead of stopping. I learned to never be ashamed of myself or to close myself off from opening up to others because something didn’t work out as I hoped it would. 

Connections with others are beautiful and rewarding, and we all have unique perspectives to offer each other. I encourage and challenge you to open up no matter how nerve wracking it may seem. You can do this with an acquaintance or anyone really. Just be willing to try and put yourself in their shoes and relate to their feelings. You may offer your experience if it is relevant, but don’t take it as an invitation to offer your expert advice, just listen and be present! We dont always have to listen to respond. I believe by relating, we empower each other. It is as simple as that. 🙂


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