Some Fun Facts About the Brain

-Our brains generate mainly beta waves. Beta deals mostly with the outside, concrete world and problems we encounter throughout the day.

-At age 10-11, children start experiencing beta waves predominately (Hutchison, 54).

-We tend to generate alpha waves when our eyes are closed for several seconds. Alpha are associated with relaxation/calmness.

-We generate theta waves between drowsiness and sleep, and sleep back into waking. Involves dreamlike, vivid images or memories.

-We experience delta during deep sleep.

-To potentially produce theta waves consciously, we must work on quieting our bodies, thoughts and emotions. This can take a very long time, if one can get to that point at all. People experience increased theta waves during floating because the body can fully relax without the burden of gravity (Hutchison, 54).

-The left hemisphere is more detail oriented while the right deals more with the  big picture of situations.

-Left brain dominance is rewarded in our society at early ages through our education system, while right is generally looked down upon or punished (Hutchison, 58).

*It is essential that we integrate both hemispheres. We can strengthen our right by tools like meditation, yoga, visualizing and conscious-altering “drugs”/plant medicine. We have all that we need inside us, it just takes practice and persistence. There is no rush to get anywhere! Patience, honesty with ourselves and self-love, and acceptance of the light and dark parts of ourselves are great assets to our evolution.

HUTCHISON, MICHAEL. BOOK OF FLOATING: Exploring the Private Sea. Place of Publication Not Identified: GATEWAYS & TAPES, 2003.


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