Who Am I Anymore?! New Activities.. 

Good morning friends. I realized I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. I took on a third job for a short period of time to save as much money as I can for my move. It has been kicking my butt. My body hurts from being on my feet all day. I haven’t had a lot of time to myself lately, so I apologize if I am not as active on here for the next few weeks as I adapt to my new schedule. I promise not to fall off though!

It is interesting how our habits become a part of us, whether they are good or bad. When we forget to do something that we are used to doing on a daily basis, we may start to feel lost or incomplete. I know I almost felt that way when I realized I didn’t blog 😋. However, life comes at us in waves and we have to listen to ourselves and prioritize sometimes. I have never been one to “hustle” or work myself to the bone for money. I believe in doing a good job at whatever you do, but at the end of the day, my peace and happiness comes first. I am prone to stress, so I have to tread lightly and slow down my pace at times.

I know that this is only temporary, so I can keep my goal in mind while working for this moment. In times of high stress, it is most important to listen to our bodies. I am changing up my workouts to give my body what it is asking for. Instead of doing resistance training and sprints, my body wants more yoga this week! So yoga is what it will get! I also booked a float for early Friday morning.

A man came into my store yesterday while I was talking to a customer about hot yoga. It turned out that he owns a hot yoga studio in my town. Hot yoga never sounded appealing to me to be honest, but it is something I am constantly being reminded exists. I hear great things about it from a lot of people. Joe Rogan talks about it a lot. I decided to give it a try because there is a promotion going on.

I will definitely keep you posted on my experience! I am planning on getting in there sometime next week before my trip to Florida. It should definitely be interesting! 


8 thoughts on “Who Am I Anymore?! New Activities.. 

  1. It’s fine. Write when you can – we know you r ‘there’ :)) sometimes we have to prioritize and I think moving to Florida is very important.
    Im actually doing more yoga now too. It seems a bit easier in such cold days. We again have lots of snow ❄️:/ 😦
    I never tried hot yoga, but I’ve heard it’s good for loosing weight. But I’m not sure Id be ok with heat & sweat there – so never booked it :/ If you’ll try – describe later how it was. I’m going/doing mostly KUNDALINI yoga.✌️😁❤️

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