What is the Meaning of Life? Is it a Lot Simpler Than We Make it?

“To try to fill your emptiness with meaning from outside yourself is like pouring water into the ocean to make it wet (Ash,33).”

“Maybe this is the real meaning of life: the struggle to wake up and reclaim what was there all along. The purpose of being alive is to become a real human being and unfold our original nature, just like a flower in the spring.”

Above are quotes from The Zen of Recovery, by Mel Ash. I love the approach Ash offers us. It suggests that we have all that we need in terms of wisdom and wholeness. We must not try so hard to learn what we already know deep within us. Thinking that we need more to feel better is a primary flaw of human nature, but without flaws we would not be human. I believe our consciousness flows like nature, in a wave-like fashion. We may go through times in our lives where we feel like we are slipping, or reverting even. I think it is important to be gentle with ourselves and understand that maybe this is normal and even a vital part of life. So long as we have awareness, there is great potential for growth. Maybe life is about constantly remembering what we forgot. Maybe that is our only job here. πŸ€”


7 thoughts on “What is the Meaning of Life? Is it a Lot Simpler Than We Make it?

  1. You’ve hit on a few very deep points here. The point of digressing or moving forward is a good one. We truly are moving forward or backward in our awareness.

    ASH’s statement about having access to wisdom and wholeness is also true. The challenge is possessing a state of consciousness that can accept that wisdom and wholeness.

    Great post and another book I’ll have to add to my reading list.

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  2. Agreed on “We must not try so hard to learn what we already know deep within us”. We just have to listen, quiet our mind for a minute and look inside. I watched a documentary yesterday (only half so far, haha) called Inner Worlds. Outer Worlds. It’s about akasha*, and human body, and principles of universe, energy of the world is everywhere and in us. Really cool. Some things i knew already, but it was a good reminder. And yes, the meaning of life is alot simpler than we think…❀️

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