Repetitive Dreams About Alligators ðŸ¤”🐊☁️🌙

Good morning guys. I had interesting dreams last night, as usual. My dreams tend to be all over the place most of the time. I usually just get pieces of different scenes and scenarios. One dream I have had that has been reoccuring for most of my life is a dream that I am swimming in a lake and an alligator is nearby.

I notice it and panic because I am not a strong swimmer and obviously I am no match. I panic even more when I lose sight of it. I sense impending disaster, but I never get attacked or eaten in the dreams.

I’ve never been one to look up meanings of dreams because I feel that genererally the meanings are different for everyone, and their own unique circumstances, but I decided to give it a shot. Basically, alligators are thought to symbolize fear, intimidation or the feeling of being overwhelmed. I can always relate to this because my anxiety always wants to give me something to fear. Of course I always have some degree of fear, especially in new situations. I would like to intepret the fact that I am never actually harmed in my dreams as the reality that I don’t allow fear to consume me and prevent me from achieving things that I care about. 

I suppose the feeling that I can’t make it out of the water can symbolize vulnerability and feelings of being stuck in a situation. I used to believe I really was stuck, but now I know that is just the old mind playing tricks on me, and I don’t entertain those thoughts when they arise.

Alligators are also thought to symbolize trouble. I don’t call myself an addict per say, but I definitelty possess qualities of the collective human dysfunction with varying intensities, depending on what is going on in my head or in my life at the time. I have a few vices that potentially sabotage my progress if I choose to act on them. One of those has presented itself recently, so that makes sense in that regard. I have been going back and forth between wanting to act on it and not wanting to, so that may represent that conflict. I have definitely been very tempted to act on this even though I know it is not in my best interest and that it could potentially cause me feelings of guilt that are simply not condusive to my progress in my life right now. That makes sense because another thing that gators are thought to symbolize is not caring about the consequences. In the past I wouldn’t have considered the consequences and just did it, but now my mindset is a bit healthier than it was then.

That was fun. I am glad I decided to look into it. I will take the awareness and avoid alligators today 😛. I will be in Florida in a few weeks, but I will do my best to stay out of the lakes! I hope you all have a nice Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Repetitive Dreams About Alligators ðŸ¤”🐊☁️🌙

  1. You’re so endearing the way you tell a story. It could also be that you sit in subconscious with the alligator comfortable imbwith living with healthy dear. But then again, I could be full of it lol. Nicely done

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  2. Thank you for sharing… it’s very interesting how the alligator can be interpreted.
    (A number of times, my dream-like ‘aggressor’ has been a pack of wolves. )
    It’s very useful to theorise and mull these things over in our minds — and indeed, a number of interpretations is good [!]

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  3. Dream journaling is an awesome habit. I have been journaling my dreams for a few years now. What is interesting is when you go back and read the ones from a few years back. All kinds of insights that you just wouldn’t see in the moment. Thanks for sharing your inner worlds.

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