Sensory Experimentation as Evolutionary

Good morning my friends! I hope you are all having a good weekend! It seems like I am going to have a lot more content on things I learn from the books I am reading. I promise to still keep it varied though! 

When one or more senses are restricted, the sensitivity of the other senses is expanded.” -(Hutchison, 20)

This has been seen in people who are blind. When a person can’t make use of their eyesight, they generally have very good hearing or other senses to help them adapt to the world around them. Dr. Andrew Weil believes that humans are born to seek out alternative modes of awareness than those we experience when we are awake during the day. Weil believes it is normal for young children to experiment with their senses to alter their consciousness, and he describes this as evolutionary. It is suggested that conscious decisions to enter other states allow us to use more of our nervous system, and potentially function better in normal waking consciousness (Hutchison, 20).

Hutchison mentioned that the most common way people have alrered their consciousness going way back into history is through restricting one or more of their senses. Research suggests that this produces changes in attitude and behavior that lasts after the experience.

There has been extensive research done on restriction of senses. I have definitely seen benefits in my life from doing this regularly in the form of floating. I actually took this concept into my daily life as well. I made it a habit in my daily life to wear ear plugs at certain times of the day to restrict my hearing. I have always been very sensitive to sound. I have been easily distracted by certain noises my entire life. They call the condition misophonia when certain noises intensely disturb you to the point where they may cause you extreme anxiety and even rage for no rational reason. I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Anyway, I have seen positive effects on my mood and happiness when I restrict my hearing. I am not as sensitive to the World and people in close proximity to me that I live with. I can observe my thoughts and keep the focus on myself. I find myself more present with my close family and not as judgmental with them. I have also found myself to be more creative, less reactive, and more in tune with my emotions in the moment. I have definitely been happier overall.

I think there is definitely something to be said for this. I am sure there are many ways to experiment with restricting the senses. I am going to do more research on this topic for myself so I have more to share on it in the future.

Have a lovely weekend guys! 😊💜🙏🏼 


2 thoughts on “Sensory Experimentation as Evolutionary

  1. It was interesting idea – with restricting of senses..I never tried it before (maybe only while meditation- when my eyes closed haha..counts or no?). Interesting, could I move around in my house with closed eyes? :/ I have to try this …haha

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