Restricting the Senses 

“People are finding they can leave behind not just neighbors, and families, and living rooms, but their own bodies. They dont watch the box, they climb inside it. And the movies they make in the dark are all their own, no commercials, and the channels are infinite, so if they don’t like what’s playing, they can, well, change…” -(Hutchison,13)

Above is a quote from The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison. I loved this one because it paints a picture of the experience of floating that I can resonate with. When we are in the tank, we reduce our senses to an absolute minimum. It is impossible to fully get rid of our senses completely, so it is more like sensory reduction in that respect. We are able to go inside and see what is going on in our minds. We can see the areas in which we would like to improve. If we are unhappy with something in our lives, or a behavior we display, we have the perfect opportunity to decide to address it and approach it from a different perspective. 


4 thoughts on “Restricting the Senses 

  1. You can learn to do this without a tank. Meditation practice espouses a focus that allows you the same thing. We never really lose the senses. They are a part of our experience. What we do in practice is to focus on something else more than our senses, achieving the same things you describe in “the tank”. The positive psychology movement helps people because they get their subjects to focus on positive things rather than negative ones. This is why Gratitude Journals work so well. When the user really focuses on the good things early in the morning and again at night the negative things in life don’t have so much of a hold. Thanks for this posting. This is really interesting stuff.

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