A Refreshing View Toward a Common Paradigm

I have tremendous respect for Joe Rogan. The man is a straight up awesome human and I would have his babies regardless of his age. HA! That was unnecessary information, but please watch the video below so you know what I am talking about!


Joe starts by pointing out that attraction is determined by people wanting to be around you. We all have our qualities that are for the most part appealing to most, and we also have our flaws. We are human after all! Unfortunately nowadays a lot of humanity has quite a few undesirable characteristics about it. Of course some of us are more conscious and awake than others depending on where we are in our evolution.Joe suggests that a lot of the disrespect many men direct toward women comes from their experience and expectation to be rejected and hurt by women. Today a lot of people are out of touch with their emotions and have maladaptive behaviors to cope with this. None of us are perfect and we all have our vices, but it is important to be aware of how we treat people. We all need to have compassion and consider the feelings of others. There is no need to be disrespectful or cold toward another human. People may become jaded due to these behaviors and it may affect how they open up to others in the future.

As a result of past hurts and negative experiences, a lot of disrespect is motivated out of fear of rejection as opposed to love. Immediately people in these types of situations are pursued motivated by negativity. This is a toxic situation that no one deserves to be a part of.

I believe that both men and women can benefit from this perspective Joe offers. A lot of the time when a relationship doesn’t work out, we can carry with us negative feelings. We may carry around resentment for some time. I know I have at times until I learned to release those feelings. I love the point that he makes when he says that he only thinks of his past partners with eyes of love.

This is a very evolved perspective that I respect very much. It inspires me to release any of the negative beliefs and feelings I have toward anyone. The past is the past and we cannot change it or take anything back. However, our thoughts do shape our future and create our reality going forward.

Defining people by their potential empowers not only us, but the other person as well. I am not saying that this is easy to do in every case. This is a new perspective to me, so I have a lot of practicing to do! It is just nice to have something to aspire to. When we are empowered, we want to do better and become more. I don’t feel so bad being alone. I see clearly where I would like to improve, and I know that in time I will attract what is right for me.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day even though it should not take a commercial holiday to show your love toward people. We all knew that though.


6 thoughts on “A Refreshing View Toward a Common Paradigm

  1. Agreed, we shouldn’t carry with us a negative feelings (regret & hate as well)…that’s why I’m quick to forget and move on lol bcz it helps: regret nothing, what’s done – ✅ already done. Move forward. Meet new ppl. Open new horizons
    But for some ppl it’s very difficult (I don’t know why :/) but I’ve met them… hopefully they’ll learn with a time lol
    Good post as always

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