Science Bi***!

Hey friends. I hope the weekend is treating you well. I saw this and had to post about it because I’m a nerd like that 🤓. 

Natural or “hard sciences” are limited. There is so much out there that it cannot prove. I feel like there are so many factors that can have an effect on a scientific experiment. Energy is everything and no experiment can be exactly the same. If the scientist conducting the experiment is in a bad mood one day, the results will inevitavly be altered than if he was in good spirits at the time of the study. 

Thoughts carry with them their own frequencies. This has been proven (refer to Emoto’s water experiment). I never take scientific data to be 100% anymore. Everything is relative! Energy frequencies affect everything in the room to some degree I believe.

Quantam physics is cool because you really can’t explain it. There is something magical about not knowing what is at the bottom of the glass. For us humans who want answers for everything, it can not offer us that.


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