💫Three Morning Thoughts💙

It is amazing how distance from people and situations offers you a completely different perspective towards them. You can learn to love and respect people on a deep level, or you can see very clearly their true colors. Then you can learn to love them for their humanness (eventually?) 

We must not look down on people when hoping to wake them up. Sometimes we forget where we have been. We are all awake at different times in our own dream, known as life.

What a cool experience it is to have the opportunity to peer into the consciousness of others in this lovely community that is WordPress 😋. It is amazing to see how much we can relate to each other regardless of our different life circumstances and environments. It is truly refreshing to see that there are still people out there who express themselves without fear of judgment censoring their words. 

Thanks for being yourselves. The World needs more of us!🙏🏼

More productive post later! 😛


10 thoughts on “💫Three Morning Thoughts💙

  1. I think ppl who meet us often and communicate with us daily missing the opportunity to look deeper into our souls bcz they think they already knows us. When we r online – we have the possibility to open up (even more) and communicate on different level ..

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      1. Yes. Agreed. I can’t answer “why”, but I guess it’s just comfortable for ppl. And as my experience shows: it’s very difficult to change “the impression” (I mean with ppl who knows us during the long time)

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      2. Another great post: I think that a lot of people like to make their minds up about others around them very quickly, and almost feel threatened by any evolution/development in a person that means they can’t remain ‘filed’ or put in a box… so to speak[!]
        That’s largely been my experience, anyway. I agree with Ray that it’s hard to shift perceptions of ourselves with people we’ve known a long time.

        Speaking as a neophyte, certainly I’ve felt more able to express myself on WordPress than I have in years. it’s felt very liberating.
        [Apologies for the lengthy comment…!]

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