New and Exciting: Next Chapter of My Life

Hey guys! I’m usually a morning poster, but I was running around today going a little crazy (in a good way of course)! I told you guys that I was looking for a new place to live, and it looks like that is becoming a reality pretty soon! I’m sure you have seen me posting a lot about floating, or R.E.S.T lately. Anyway, I got a job at a float center in Florida that I am super excited to be a part of soon! It is being renovated right now, and will be beautiful I’m sure.It is amazing how we feel like we are stuck sometimes in life, like nothing is changing. However, each time we look back, even a year from where we are, we can see how dramatically things changed for us. I know I felt stuck for a long time, most of my life to be honest. It took until a few weeks ago for me to realize that I didn’t feel that way anymore. It was a pretty indescribable realization.

I am beyond blessed for what the past year has brought me, even the times that I struggled very much. I shaped myself this year. I felt things I never felt before. My life is far from perfect, but I know what I deserve now, even if I can’t yet see it all in the physical. I see how important it is to trust your nudges from the universe even when things seem to make no sense at all. I am noticing now more than ever that these are the most powerful moments when me must act and just take the next step. When the odds look to be against you, but you still feel something is right, go for it!

I wasn’t even going to reach out to this job. I wasn’t expecting any type of response back. They got back to me later that day and asked to meet me the following day. I had doubts. I live in New York, I told myself. I was going to give up right there, but something told me to suggest a Skpye interview, thinking they would laugh in my face. I did it anyway and we scheduled one. Technology has never been my friend, maybe because I don’t keep up with it. I seem to always be three models behind on apple products. There were some technical difficulties and I was sure that maybe it made it awkward and ruined my chances, but I was wrong yet again.

I got an email back yesterday and got offered the job. I hate to make definite claims, so I don’t get disappointed if things don’t work out for whatever reason, but as of now I seem to have gotten a job that I am super excited about in one of my favorite states (even though I haven’t been to a ton). I am going to meet with the hiring manager next month when I am in Florida visiting a good friend of mine.

The point of this is to tell you not to always think with your logical mind. We limit ourselves when we think too much. Our minds will tell us all of the reasons something won’t work out. I know sometimes it is easier said than done, but I feel that when we can just trust that the right things will unfold in perfect order, they will. We have the power to put ourselves out there, and then we have to surrender the rest of the process. This feels right in my heart, and though I don’t know how my journey will continue to unfold, I can have as good as a time as possible and learn as much as I can along the way. I think we should all do something that allows us to be our authentic selves. As Eckhart Tolle says, we live in harmony when our outer purpose is in alignment with our inner purpose.

Peace friends. Wishing you all a lovely weekend 😊😃💜


4 thoughts on “New and Exciting: Next Chapter of My Life

  1. Congratulations!
    An inspiring story… rounded off nicely with an excellent quote from Mr Tolle.
    I think I’ve yet to properly harmonise my intuition and my more logical mind (haha, or allegedly logical!), but I’m working on it… and it’s fabulous to see it working for people around me. 🙂

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