Implementing changes, but with better intentions

Good morning! As I notice the areas that I wish to improve in my life, I am guided to any information I need to help me along the way. As per my struggles last year with body image and with my relationship with food, I can be honest with myself that my progress has kind of halted and started regressing. 

When one area in our lives starts to go south, we experience discontentment at a point. I know I have! I did a lot of work this morning on setting clear, positive intentions for my health and well-being. We may not have power over our obsessive thoughts and compulsion once they have taken ahold of us, but with awareness, and when we surrender to that awareness, we allow ourselves to be guided and to heal.

I cringed at the idea of making myself yet anoter meal plan. I have to admit that following a meal plan/program triggers feelings in me that I experienced last year during prep as a result of improper guidance and malnutrition. My body did not respond well to the plan I was instructed to follow and that jeopardized my health greatly in more than one way. It changed the way I viewed fitness and health as a whole. 

I was reading up on recovery principles as I patiently await my new books in the mail. Someone asked a question on what may have been an older episode of The Trews referencing recovery from eating disorders and Russel reminded me that we do need a plan. It was suggested to develop a meal plan to remove the emotional   components around eating and food. After a few moments if hesitation, I decided it would be necessary. 

This morning I prioritized and got it done. I made it focused on something that would ne sustainable for me, and I developed a plan that made sure I would be getting all of the vitamins/minerals and macronutrients I would need to feel good. I stated the micronutrients first, because when you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals you can develop health conditions you do not want, and you may feel hungry all the time no matter how much you eat. I have come to understand that those are our foundation, and my energy levels go south when I get out of the habit of taking my vitamins and minerals regularly. 

I feel a lot more optimistic and almost excited to begin because of how loving and positive my intentions are. I wrote them all down and will begin my day by reading them. The main intention was to make eating about nourishment and health again, rather than as a means to try and control my weight and the way my body looks. Another was to remove the emotional aspect behind eating and to have a lot more energy to spend on positive things in my life that I care about.

We all deserve to feel good about ourselves all the time. What works for one person may not work for another. Some people may go through their lives okay with where they are and things may never bother them enough to seek to change them. That is fine if they are happy, but I am not one who is okay with coasting for too long. With honesty, centering ourselves and remembering our intentions often, we can make progress. 


2 thoughts on “Implementing changes, but with better intentions

  1. You should find out what’s works for u and what dont. With food: it’s possible to do during 2 months if you don’t eat much outside. If outing: try to use same places/kind of food. It can be gluten, or lactose, or something in food/veggies/fruits even what ur body doesn’t except. Anyway I think gym/exercising 40-45 min is a #must 2 times a week. It’s a minimum we, ppl, have to do. I’m also going to yoga class once a week and I do yoga 15 -20 min at home each day. #easyone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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