Writers block, intentions, red flags for an ego driven rant

Hey friends. I hope you all had a nice weekend. I have been a little quiet on here the past few days. That is because I have been questioning my posts more. I look at why I want to post things lately, and if I don’t think that it is useful or relatable, I have been refraining. I’ve also had a little writer’s block. I’ve started posts and then they turned more into rants. When I notice myself stating my opinion and my own beliefs over information that I think can actually help people, I hold back. I have been a lot more aware of just how much information is out there, and I can see how some people get overwhelmed. It is easy to not know what to believe sometimes.I like to be open-minded about different perspectives. I never dismiss something as impossible, even if it doesn’t really resonate with me. It comes as no surprise that as humans, it is natural for us to want answers to things and to desire an explanation. However, there is so much that we do not understand and may never understand in this lifetime. As humans, the majority of us only use about 10% of our brain. Therefore, it is impossible that we can conceive the depth of many concepts.

It is interesting the lengths people will go to try and convince others of their perspective or their theories of how certain things work. They may start out sounding rational, and some of their view may make sense at first. When people start using big words and complicated language to explain their theory to the point where your average human wont be able to follow, I become weary. When someone starts getting louder or yelling to try to get their point across, there is another red flag. I don’t think these people always have bad intentions, it just shows me that they are behaving unconsciously. That doesn’t make them good or bad, it is just human behavior. It happens around us all the time. It becomes entertaining in a sense when we are conscious enough to spot it. We don’t need to own someone elses story or their beliefs. We are here to come to understand our own truths. 

It is normal for our ego to try and preserve itself. The ego seeks explanations, and may think that convincing others of our viewpoint gives it validity and makes it more true. Our biggest hope lies in accepting that maybe we will never understand things, and becoming okay with that. Once we surrender we get some relief and become at ease. This is something we must work at every day. Sometimes a moment to moment basis works best.




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