Starting your day off with nothing!

Hey guys! I hope Monday is treating all of you well. I started my day off with a float at 7AM again. There is something about being on the road as the sun is coming up. It can make NY traffic bearable! There is nothing I would rather be on the road for at that time than on the way to go do literally nothing!

I just let it be what it was this morning in the tank. It is unrealistic for me to expect a quiet head when things are changing so rapidly for me, so I just accepted whatever came up without entertaining any thoughts. I swear I will have a float tank in my home one day. That is a promise actually!

It is a goal of mine to get as many people in there as possible. It is such a privilege to me to have opportunities to experience life from different perspectives. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions.” Once we expand our perspectives, the way we see the World changes. Changing the collective consciousness begins with shaping our own consciousness. It sounds so simple, but it is the truth! With so much going on around us, we forget to tune into ourselves.

If you are interested in trying floating, but don’t know where to find a place to float, check out


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