My theory for a Universal Support Group

Good morning friends! I hope the weekend is treating all of you well. I wanted to start out by saying thank you for all of the support I have been experiencing through WordPress and anywhere else people come across this information. I want to thank you all for your amazing content and for the feedback you have given me on mine. I have noticed that as I get older and become more introspective, it is easy to keep a small circle. I don’t have a problem with this per say, but lately I have been feeling like I miss having more of a variety of people in my life to run things by. It can be challenging to practice certain principles in your life when you don’t have a lot of varying perspectives around you. I think this is what I wanted for a time. As I evolve, I now feel that I need different things to thrive.There is something that has been on my mind a lot lately that I decided to finally post about, and that is support groups. I used to be in recovery for what I thought was addiction to drugs several years ago. It started with me abusing my anxiety medication when I was in the middle of high school, and then I got used to trying to escape reality whenever I could. Recovery worked well for me for a time and I learned a lot there. However, I just didn’t feel like the whole picture was there for me. Sometimes I felt like it was more of a breeding ground for my ego. I also felt like I limited myself during that time and deprived myself of a lot of experiences. I feel like I was always there. I never saw my family, I was neglecting tasks that I needed to get done to feel accomplished in my life, and I wasn’t really happy. It was also easy for me to view myself as a victim and keep myself in that mentality. I saw myself as wronged instead of viewing all situations as divine opportunities for my soul to grow.

I want to state that I am totally for support groups. I am not speaking negatively of them. This is just the experience that I had. I became addicted to other things, and still felt unhealthy. I suppose I was missing the point or maybe I just wasn’t ready to practice principles like acceptance at that time in my life.

Several years have passed since that time. I went through a series of spiritual awakenings and my perception of reality is vastly different than it was back then. Looking back, I see that I was over-medicating due to traumatic experiences I had as a young kid. I had been abused for many years and didn’t feel physically or emotionally safe in reality. This was what drove me to use drugs. I realized I had PTSD like flashbacks that would bring me back to uncomfortable moments when I first stopped the medication. In a sense, I was dealing with a lot of things for the first time as an almost adult.

That was all just background, but I will get to my point. SO, lately I have been missing having some of those great people around me. Looking back, some of the greatest souls I have encountered were in those meetings. I admired and still admire their ability to accept and love. They focused on love and non-judgment. They practiced relating to your feelings and not looking down on you for experiencing something they may have moved past. I posted about how I was in a pretty dark place a few weeks ago, and two of the people that reached out to me were people I had met from recovery years ago. Though they had not seen me in some time, they still reached out to see if I was okay. I felt so blessed to have met these people.

Years have passed, and I haven’t struggled with drug addiction. I haven’t been addicted to alcohol or sex, but I still notice my desire to escape reality. Sometimes I eat more than I should, or I get lost in fantasies in my head about the future for hours. It takes me out of the present moment. I still notice the obsessive thoughts over any situation really. I experience compulsion when I eat sometimes. The past year has brought me challenges with my relationship with food. Where I am at now, I have a difficult time going to a group when I know the issue is simply the general desire to be in a different place other than the now.

I was thinking that maybe there should be a universal support group. Again, this is just a theory of mine. It could sound absurd to people, but just an idea! I think anyone struggling with anything should be able to belong. If anyone feels similar, like labeling themselves makes them feel helpless in a certain area, then they should have somewhere to go. I think a lot of the steps and principles should stay the same. I think it would be an even greater opportunity to heal if one group existed.

That way we could practice relating to everyone, regardless of what their preference of behavior was. After all, the behaviors are only symptoms of the underlying issue, the desire to escape reality. I can see how narrowing it down to specific behaviors can keep it simple for people, but I also think that simple may not always be better. I think it can potentially empower people more knowing that everyone has their specific struggles. The more people there are in one place, the more perspectives there are that can be offered. That would be true unity I believe.

I think anyone can benefit from practicing the twelve steps in their lives. I am not in a support group at the moment, but I think I am absolutely going to make it a point to live these principles and steps to the best of my ability. Just because I don’t view myself as an addict, doesn’t mean that I am exempt from being the best human I can be, for myself and others. Russel Brand inspired me to consider this. Russel has been in recovery for many years, and still lives a clean life. His efforts are apparent, and inspire many. There is always room for improvement.

Please tell me what you think. I am interested in anyone’s feedback, especially those who have ever been in recovery and practiced any kind of program. I know that there are positives and downsides to every idea. This was very brief, but I would like to get into more detail in later posts. I have to find my books and see what resonates because I am now inspired.

Have a lovely weekend friends.


One thought on “My theory for a Universal Support Group

  1. To be honest, not so easy to say something, I never been in any groups. But your “universal-group” idea sounds interesting..(def should be such group!), hopefully ppl who been “there” and experienced, went thru the same difficulties as u, can give some feedback.

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