Good morning friends. Happy Friday! I hope you all had a lovely week. I decided not to post yesterday because it was a day of introspective reflecting and listening for me. I started my day off with a float at 7AM and it was just such a peaceful day afterwards. I wasn’t inspired to go on about something I didn’t feel had a meaningful message behind it. 

I did get a lot of inspiration from catching up on Russel Brand’s youtube channel however! If you haven’t spent time exploring his work that he does in his news channel, “The Trews,” I highly reccomend that you do. He is such a lovely soul and does some truly amazing work. Russel focuses on finding the main issues going on and sifts through all of the drama and b.s covering up what is truly going on in our world. 

A true leader is someone that doesn’t tell people what to think, but inspires them to think for themselves. I know I can trust someone when they aren’t trying to sell me anything and are just acting in line with their true nature. I love that he speaks with such a light tone and sense of humor, because it is friendly and relatable. It pierces through consciousness with a positive effect and doesn’t use fear to try and persuade people like a lot of public figures do today. 

Please check it out for yourself
Have a great day and weekend beautiful people πŸ’œ


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