Friday goal setting

As people who write, I’m sure a lot of us may already do this. If you never have, I would recommend making it a ritual. I am referring to setting and declaring your goals with intention. There are many different ways to go about this, but I am going to share with you my way. If you have any suggestions that have worked well for you, I encourage you to share as well.

I picked Fridays to set my goals, but any day of the week works. I am just particular to the end of the week, because my stress is generally lower on Fridays and the weekend gives me more free time to focus and make changes. I try to do it in the morning shortly after waking up. I pick 10 goals that I want to achieve the following year, give or take some time.ย 

I try and center myself first and get into a state of being so I know I’m not just reciting what I remember from the previous weeks. Most weeks, the majority of my goals are the same. Some have changed in accordance to my changing path, and that is totally okay. I notice that each time I write, especially lately, the goals have more power and momentum behind them. I find myself writing them with more detail and more passion. I have to remind myself to imagine how I will feel once the goals are achieved and not dwell on how they will come about! This is the challenging part for me.

I made a habit of reading them each morning. I used to think once a week was sufficient, but lately I have seen better effects reading them and putting them out there daily. I was thinking of putting my list out there, but I feel that sometimes good things come when you don’t announce all of your goals. Maybe I’m just feeling superstitious at the moment. Don’t mind me.ย 

Feel free to share what works for you. We are all here to help each other after all. I appreciate the support of this lovely community.

Until next time ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜Š ย 


7 thoughts on “Friday goal setting

  1. I never really saw the value in setting goals until I got sober. Now, setting little goals equals little victories and gives me a sense of purpose and direction when my mind and emotions are wreaking havoc. This is a fabulous share and dead on. Wish I had done this many moons ago, but it’s never too late.

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