Stream of consciousness rants

Life is awkward. That is probably the best way I can describe it. We see things we don’t care for, but we can’t always change those things as we wish to. We can possibly imagine things different, but our limited eyes can’t always recognize the difference. Did we really  change it by imagining it as something else? I can’t answer that.

We develop momentum by taking inspired action. For a little bit, taking action feels good, and we feel empowered. When we are empowered we feel in control like the creater of our own destiny, until things don’t go according to plan. Then we feel helpless and stuck and right back to where we started. That feeling doesn’t last forever. Surrender, not just once, but a million times.

Why are we all really here? No one can answer that one. They may think they can, but they can’t. Are we here to destroy the World as Joe Rogan mentioned in the video I posted below? Are we here to make it all better? Did a crazy alien species plant us here as an experiment? I dont know, and neither do you, and maybe we never will!


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