Clear Lenses

Lessons from heartaches carry with them some of the greatest gifts imaginable. When you accept responsibility regardless of the outcome, something amazing happens. You continue to grow without getting bitter. You don’t close yourself off to possibilities and opportunities that you deserve.

Considering our state of mind at a time when we met a person or encountered a situation can expalin a lot to us. For example, if we were in a time of despair or uncertainty, we may attract people or situations that can serve as a kind of escape for us. We may think it is true love, or a way of life we can maintain, until those things no longer make us feel good. That doesn’t mean they are bad, they may just not be for us! This can take the resembelance of an addiction in any form. We can become drawn to way of thinking or a compulsive behavior that may seem to serve us until it consumes us and sucks the life right out of us.

I am grateful to see with clear lenses again. I am thankful for the roles many served, despite the pain that was experienced. I learned that I am not so fragile to the point where I can not cope with life situations. I have learned that I am just as capable as anybody and that I have my best interests at heart. I am learning to trust even my inner critic, and see what it is trying to offer me, instead of stopping. I learned to never be ashamed of myself or to close myself off from opening up to others because something didn’t work out as I hoped it would. 

Connections with others are beautiful and rewarding, and we all have unique perspectives to offer each other. I encourage and challenge you to open up no matter how nerve wracking it may seem. You can do this with an acquaintance or anyone really. Just be willing to try and put yourself in their shoes and relate to their feelings. You may offer your experience if it is relevant, but don’t take it as an invitation to offer your expert advice, just listen and be present! We dont always have to listen to respond. I believe by relating, we empower each other. It is as simple as that. πŸ™‚


Life is a Second in Infinity

Hey friends! I miss being on here like I was, but life has been calling me all over the place, and I have been flowing with it. I received an update from the job I plan on taking in Melbourne, Florida. My new bosses emailed me and told me that they want me to start in early April. I was originally supposed to start in mid April to mid June due to renovations taking place at the center. SO, I got right to it and started looking into places to live.

I received this update yesterday morning, so it is still becoming real to me. I thought I would have more time, but I very well may not! I have come to realize that the idea of being “ready,” is an illusion.

I had a powerful weekend of putting things into perspective and shifting my perception of life. I went on a little journey, and it brought me to some beautiful places. I revisited some childhood memories and saw them in a different light. I saw the love that was there, instead of what was missing. I saw how time, how most of us think of it, is truly an illusion. Many times in this life, i felt like things would never change or get better. Then I saw clearly how things really change in an instant, no matter how you judge whatever your circumstances are.

I saw how blessed I was to have had such an amazing, loving mother. I saw how we had butted heads at different times and how judgmental I was. I saw my empty room that I thought would always be full of my things, and I saw it all dissipate. My childhood home vanished and my family went its separate ways like it had at different times throughout my life. I saw years fly by like minutes in front of me and I realized in that  moment that each life was a second in infinity. I saw my attachments to things good and bad, and how they had weighed me down. I saw the attachments of humanity and the pain that they caused.

This vision shifted me to a place of freedom and clarity I had never experienced quite like this before. I feel a lot lighter, but of course not without emotion. I will miss things as they were, but I am no longer holding on so tightly. Life will be beautiful in every stage. I took my power that I had invested so much in attachments and am now using that to create. My mindset is refreshed.

Have a lovely Monday friends! πŸ’–

Some Fun Facts About the Brain

-Our brains generate mainly beta waves. Beta deals mostly with the outside, concrete world and problems we encounter throughout the day.

-At age 10-11, children start experiencing beta waves predominately (Hutchison, 54).

-We tend to generate alpha waves when our eyes are closed for several seconds. Alpha are associated with relaxation/calmness.

-We generate theta waves between drowsiness and sleep, and sleep back into waking. Involves dreamlike, vivid images or memories.

-We experience delta during deep sleep.

-To potentially produce theta waves consciously, we must work on quieting our bodies, thoughts and emotions. This can take a very long time, if one can get to that point at all. People experience increased theta waves during floating because the body can fully relax without the burden of gravity (Hutchison, 54).

-The left hemisphere is more detail oriented while the right deals more with the  big picture of situations.

-Left brain dominance is rewarded in our society at early ages through our education system, while right is generally looked down upon or punished (Hutchison, 58).

*It is essential that we integrate both hemispheres. We can strengthen our right by tools like meditation, yoga, visualizing and conscious-altering “drugs”/plant medicine. We have all that we need inside us, it just takes practice and persistence. There is no rush to get anywhere! Patience, honesty with ourselves and self-love, and acceptance of the light and dark parts of ourselves are great assets to our evolution.

HUTCHISON, MICHAEL. BOOK OF FLOATING: Exploring the Private Sea. Place of Publication Not Identified: GATEWAYS & TAPES, 2003.

Who Am I Anymore?! New Activities..Β 

Good morning friends. I realized I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. I took on a third job for a short period of time to save as much money as I can for my move. It has been kicking my butt. My body hurts from being on my feet all day. I haven’t had a lot of time to myself lately, so I apologize if I am not as active on here for the next few weeks as I adapt to my new schedule. I promise not to fall off though!

It is interesting how our habits become a part of us, whether they are good or bad. When we forget to do something that we are used to doing on a daily basis, we may start to feel lost or incomplete. I know I almost felt that way when I realized I didn’t blog πŸ˜‹. However, life comes at us in waves and we have to listen to ourselves and prioritize sometimes. I have never been one to “hustle” or work myself to the bone for money. I believe in doing a good job at whatever you do, but at the end of the day, my peace and happiness comes first. I am prone to stress, so I have to tread lightly and slow down my pace at times.

I know that this is only temporary, so I can keep my goal in mind while working for this moment. In times of high stress, it is most important to listen to our bodies. I am changing up my workouts to give my body what it is asking for. Instead of doing resistance training and sprints, my body wants more yoga this week! So yoga is what it will get! I also booked a float for early Friday morning.

A man came into my store yesterday while I was talking to a customer about hot yoga. It turned out that he owns a hot yoga studio in my town. Hot yoga never sounded appealing to me to be honest, but it is something I am constantly being reminded exists. I hear great things about it from a lot of people. Joe Rogan talks about it a lot. I decided to give it a try because there is a promotion going on.

I will definitely keep you posted on my experience! I am planning on getting in there sometime next week before my trip to Florida. It should definitely be interesting! 

What is the Meaning of Life? Is it a Lot Simpler Than We Make it?

“To try to fill your emptiness with meaning from outside yourself is like pouring water into the ocean to make it wet (Ash,33).”

“Maybe this is the real meaning of life: the struggle to wake up and reclaim what was there all along. The purpose of being alive is to become a real human being and unfold our original nature, just like a flower in the spring.”

Above are quotes from The Zen of Recovery, by Mel Ash. I love the approach Ash offers us. It suggests that we have all that we need in terms of wisdom and wholeness. We must not try so hard to learn what we already know deep within us. Thinking that we need more to feel better is a primary flaw of human nature, but without flaws we would not be human. I believe our consciousness flows like nature, in a wave-like fashion. We may go through times in our lives where we feel like we are slipping, or reverting even. I think it is important to be gentle with ourselves and understand that maybe this is normal and even a vital part of life. So long as we have awareness, there is great potential for growth. Maybe life is about constantly remembering what we forgot. Maybe that is our only job here. πŸ€”

Repetitive Dreams About Alligators πŸ€”πŸŠβ˜οΈπŸŒ™

Good morning guys. I had interesting dreams last night, as usual. My dreams tend to be all over the place most of the time. I usually just get pieces of different scenes and scenarios. One dream I have had that has been reoccuring for most of my life is a dream that I am swimming in a lake and an alligator is nearby.

I notice it and panic because I am not a strong swimmer and obviously I am no match. I panic even more when I lose sight of it. I sense impending disaster, but I never get attacked or eaten in the dreams.

I’ve never been one to look up meanings of dreams because I feel that genererally the meanings are different for everyone, and their own unique circumstances, but I decided to give it a shot. Basically, alligators are thought to symbolize fear, intimidation or the feeling of being overwhelmed. I can always relate to this because my anxiety always wants to give me something to fear. Of course I always have some degree of fear, especially in new situations. I would like to intepret the fact that I am never actually harmed in my dreams as the reality that I don’t allow fear to consume me and prevent me from achieving things that I care about. 

I suppose the feeling that I can’t make it out of the water can symbolize vulnerability and feelings of being stuck in a situation. I used to believe I really was stuck, but now I know that is just the old mind playing tricks on me, and I don’t entertain those thoughts when they arise.

Alligators are also thought to symbolize trouble. I don’t call myself an addict per say, but I definitelty possess qualities of the collective human dysfunction with varying intensities, depending on what is going on in my head or in my life at the time. I have a few vices that potentially sabotage my progress if I choose to act on them. One of those has presented itself recently, so that makes sense in that regard. I have been going back and forth between wanting to act on it and not wanting to, so that may represent that conflict. I have definitely been very tempted to act on this even though I know it is not in my best interest and that it could potentially cause me feelings of guilt that are simply not condusive to my progress in my life right now. That makes sense because another thing that gators are thought to symbolize is not caring about the consequences. In the past I wouldn’t have considered the consequences and just did it, but now my mindset is a bit healthier than it was then.

That was fun. I am glad I decided to look into it. I will take the awareness and avoid alligators today πŸ˜›. I will be in Florida in a few weeks, but I will do my best to stay out of the lakes! I hope you all have a nice Sunday!

Bringing Consciousness Back into Eating: Grow Your Own Food Easily With SproutBox! πŸ˜ƒ

Hello again! I posted a while back about how I had started growing my own sprouts with help from my friend Don. This was with the intention of developing a more conscious relationship with food and my body. It is empowering to have a connection with the food you are eating and to know how it was grown and where it comes from.

We are all aware that in America especially, our food quality is poor. Most of us lack essential vitamins and minerals in our diet and it has a negative impact on our health and the way we feel. It has become normal for us to feel lethargic and sluggish to the point where it can seem normal, like nothing is wrong. A lot of us simply don’t have any other state of health or vitality to compare it to and this is unfortunate.

Western society has become so overly consumed by the idea of macronutrients, (proteins, carbs, and fats) when they think of nutrition, that our very building blocks have been overlooked. I have a lot of respect for people that grow their own food. Don has made it attainable and easy for people to start growing their own sprouts successfully. Sprouts are full of nutrients that our bodies need to thrive! I am excited to share with you SproutBox. 

If you live anywhere in the U.S, you can start growing and have food in 3 to 5 days! The seeds are all organic and non-GMO. You can vary what you grow and change it up month to month if you prefer. It is a great way to learn more sustainable eating habits, build a healthier relationship with the food you eat and bring mindfulness back into your diet. 

If you are interested, please check out:

IG or Twitter: Sproutboxgrow

Have a GREAT weekendπŸ––πŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Sensory Experimentation as Evolutionary

Good morning my friends! I hope you are all having a good weekend! It seems like I am going to have a lot more content on things I learn from the books I am reading. I promise to still keep it varied though! 

When one or more senses are restricted, the sensitivity of the other senses is expanded.” -(Hutchison, 20)

This has been seen in people who are blind. When a person can’t make use of their eyesight, they generally have very good hearing or other senses to help them adapt to the world around them. Dr. Andrew Weil believes that humans are born to seek out alternative modes of awareness than those we experience when we are awake during the day. Weil believes it is normal for young children to experiment with their senses to alter their consciousness, and he describes this as evolutionary. It is suggested that conscious decisions to enter other states allow us to use more of our nervous system, and potentially function better in normal waking consciousness (Hutchison, 20).

Hutchison mentioned that the most common way people have alrered their consciousness going way back into history is through restricting one or more of their senses. Research suggests that this produces changes in attitude and behavior that lasts after the experience.

There has been extensive research done on restriction of senses. I have definitely seen benefits in my life from doing this regularly in the form of floating. I actually took this concept into my daily life as well. I made it a habit in my daily life to wear ear plugs at certain times of the day to restrict my hearing. I have always been very sensitive to sound. I have been easily distracted by certain noises my entire life. They call the condition misophonia when certain noises intensely disturb you to the point where they may cause you extreme anxiety and even rage for no rational reason. I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Anyway, I have seen positive effects on my mood and happiness when I restrict my hearing. I am not as sensitive to the World and people in close proximity to me that I live with. I can observe my thoughts and keep the focus on myself. I find myself more present with my close family and not as judgmental with them. I have also found myself to be more creative, less reactive, and more in tune with my emotions in the moment. I have definitely been happier overall.

I think there is definitely something to be said for this. I am sure there are many ways to experiment with restricting the senses. I am going to do more research on this topic for myself so I have more to share on it in the future.

Have a lovely weekend guys! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ™πŸΌ 

Restricting the SensesΒ 

“People are finding they can leave behind not just neighbors, and families, and living rooms, but their own bodies. They dont watch the box, they climb inside it. And the movies they make in the dark are all their own, no commercials, and the channels are infinite, so if they don’t like what’s playing, they can, well, change…” -(Hutchison,13)

Above is a quote from The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison. I loved this one because it paints a picture of the experience of floating that I can resonate with. When we are in the tank, we reduce our senses to an absolute minimum. It is impossible to fully get rid of our senses completely, so it is more like sensory reduction in that respect. We are able to go inside and see what is going on in our minds. We can see the areas in which we would like to improve. If we are unhappy with something in our lives, or a behavior we display, we have the perfect opportunity to decide to address it and approach it from a different perspective. 

Short and Sweet Today

Good morning friends. I have a busy work day ahead, so I am just going to share what I gathered from my readings this morning that I found pretty interesting! I only had a chance to read a few pages into each book.

The Zen of Recovery:

We benefit from seeing the anger of others as their suffering.

-Sometimes going “crazy” can be the only way to freedom from a negative past (some of us are motivated by pain).

-We can gain some peace accepting the hand we were dealt and understanding that we were programmed differently, and are inclined to react differently than others might. We can find tools to help us function normally. 

-Having nothing happen during   meditation can be a great relief!- I always thought I was doing it wrong πŸ˜› (apparently not!)

-This World is a dream we can awaken from.

The Book of Floating

-The first international float conference on Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique was in Denver, Colorado in 1983. Float tanks were acknowledged for their potential in clinics, hospitals, schools, health/wellness/fitness centers, addiction treatment centers, spas etc.

-Hutchison was originally very skeptical about floating. He found the idea of it amusing, and as a journalist, wanted to ge to the bottom of the phenomenon. 

-Before trying floating, he described it as “retrograde” for people to pay to be alone for an hour in a culture where status was earned by being frantic and being exposed to as many simulations as possible.

-There is no real sensory deprivation as people might think. We create our own in a sense.

-Hutchison discovered that the float itself was just the beginning and that its effects were very valuable. Afterwards your senses are heightened.

I will share more tomorrow! Have a lovely day πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š