Re-shaping your current perspective, taking full responsibility 

Happy Monday lovely fellow humans! I’m sure you have heard people say how great it is that we able to think for ourselves and that we can choose our thoughts and that we have the power to shift our perspectives as we see fit whenever we want. I think it is definitely within our power to do this, but I want to state that this may not be easy for everyone to do all the time. We are all similar in certain ways, but we have all been exposed to different types of environments. There is hope for each and every one of us. Sometimes we may feel like we aren’t moving because we may not be where we think we want to be. It may seem like we have always been this way. 

I was in a super uncomfortable place last week, and it felt like I had made no progress in my life. A lovely co-worker of mine helped talk me out of that mindset. I tend to look at one area of my life and judge myself as a whole. It is easy to get stuck in your head when you don’t share with other people. My friend reminded me to look at old journals once in a while when you feel stuck. I think this is a very helpful tool that can allow us to reflect in terms of how the energy feels reading them as opposed to how you feel now. 

From my experience, sometimes we can’t change our current perspective unless a situation comes up that creates a shift in us that gives us that momentum. It can come from pain or any type of emotion. Not that I am proud of this, but the way I was shaped, I am motivated more by negative emotions. I get drive to make changes when I decide that enough is enough and that I deserve more. Believing in the unseen consistently creates beautiful things.

I had to be realistic with myself recently. I had to see what habits of mine were seriously holding me back from growing. As much as I hate admitting certain things, it is such a powerful experience to be honest and take full responsibility for the way you experience life. I was able to see certain qualities I expressed that I am not proud of in order to shed light on them so I can truly accept and eventually move beyond them. It may not happen in a day, but change is inevitable.

I recognized how I created my feeling of being stuck and alone by avoiding opening up to a lot of people. I may not consider a ton of people friends, but sometimes people surprise you with how they can relate to you. That connection and love you feel through such experiences allows you to see beyond humanity and accept more of yourself and others. It can make you feel lighter knowing that there is a lot more good out there than you previously believed. It is courageous to put yourself out there, because you then become more receptive to more perspectives. 

Have a great day 💜


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