Slow down with some Yin 

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you guys another practice that has greatly helped me connect with my body and heal myself physically and emotionally during times when I was struggling, and that is Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a type of yoga that isnt super familiar to Western culture. It is a very slow practice where poses are held for long periods of time. They are usually held from three to fives minutes.
Yin targets connective tissue. This type of yoga has many benefits, including regulating energy flow in the body, acting as a more meditative practice and maintaining flexibility at joints that often diminishes through the aging process. It helps protect and lubricate the joints as well.
Yin Yoga is a great mindfulness tool to get in touch with emotions. As poses are held for extended periods of time, you may notice emotions arise. We carry things with us that we may become unaware of over time that end up weighing us down. It is helpful to allow yourself to feel whatever comes up and breathe through them. I have actually started crying after holding particular poses on more than one occasion. Breathing through discomfort helps us develop mental strength as well.
It is amazing how slowing down can be such a challenge when we are so used to moving quickly through life. It is so necessary to incorporate practices that help us unplug and reflect. I highly recommend Yin if you struggle with anxiety or depression or if you are looking to try something new. Travis Eliot is one of my favorite Yogis and he has some free Yin yoga flows on youtube, so check him out!
Happy Friday my friends! 


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