You haven’t failed for getting sick

When we get sick or injured, we tend to blame ourselves. We may feel like we have fell short or even failed. We can feel resentment, shame and a whole variety of emotions toward ourselves when what we need most at this time are compassion and love. Stress and illness are our body’s way of telling us to slow down. There might be a lesson we are overlooking while we are busy with our daily responsibilities and many obligations. It can be nearly impossible to grasp that lesson while we are consumed with so many things.When stress acts as our motivator for doing something, it is backed up with the stress hormone cortisol. Excessive levels of cortisol in the body creates an acidic environment along with a weakened immune system. Our bodies are smart and it knows what motivates our actions. This is why it is so important for us to focus on our goals with positive and loving intention. Keeping the focus on our positive intentions will create the momentum we need to succeed. 

It is important in healing ourselves to realize that we are not broken and that there is nothing in us that NEEDS to be fixed right now. Enjoying the process is part of healing as well. It can seem nearly impossible to enjoy it, but we must try. We must accept to move beyond. I have forgotten about this aspect quite often. Feeling whole and worthy and accepting ourselves where we are is the first step toward thriving and feeling amazing. I am making it a habit upon waking up in the morning to bringing awareness to my body, connecting with my breath and acknowledge where in my body needs healing.

I accept what is going on and I am sure to put loving intention into as many of my actions as possible. If I start feeling like I HAVE to do something or something bad will happen, I bring the focus back on the benefits this action will have toward my body, health and well-being. Building healthy habits takes time, especially when you have lost sight of them for a while. Consistency is key. We have the ability to re-create ourselves and optimize the way our bodies function and age. The actions we take now will shape the quality of our future and determine the level of ease we experience throughout the aging process. 


2 thoughts on “You haven’t failed for getting sick

  1. I jut got sick this morning with a horrible burning itchy threat. I couldn’t help but think, “where have I gone wrong in the last few days?” But this post was helpful. I’m going to just embrace this sickness and enjoy the process of healing 🙂

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