There is nothing to forgive?

I have been truly blessed this past year with the people and situations the universe has blessed me with. A friend who I met through floating introduced me to some concepts that have really helped me change my life. We had an immediate soul connection, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced so purely with another person upon just meeting them. He has been so amazing at pointing me in the direction of information I need to see.

One of the many amazing books he sent my way was a book called Radical Forgiveness, by Collin C. Tipping. I had been reading a lot of books about presence and consciousness, so my mind was pretty open at this point. I was still seeing my therapist but was having conflicting beliefs on the topic of forgiveness. This book really offers an amazing perspective on true forgiveness and the truth behind most “attempts” to forgive. 

It goes with the approach that everything is in divine order and there is really nothing to forgive on a soul level. The book rips apart what is at the root of efforts to “forgive.” Tipping makes an amazing point in suggesting that most efforts to forgive are based on the assumption that someone else did something that was wrong. I believe similarly to Tipping, that we all come into the world of form with predetermined circumstances that are meant to steer us where we are meant to end up, or where we choose to end up rather. I believe that there are certain things that we really need to realize about ourselves and about the nature of who we truly are on a soul level. This is why we experience circumstances that often reflect similar emotions back to us. Patterns are no joke and no coincidence. It is up to us to recognize them and accept our part in things in order to transform them.

I believe as Tipping believes, that people are mirrors of ourselves. Radical Forgiveness heals all past situations and current situations that need healing. I love that the book offers so many options toward solution. What stuck out to me most, that I didn’t particularly care for and still can’t say that I enjoy are reading the worksheets and exercises out loud. Though the effort to write out an exercise is courageous and displays willingness, writing something and hearing yourself say it out loud are very different and can be very uncomfortable. Writing and Reading your words out loud allow greater healing and transformation to occur.

Tipping suggests that when we can see our circumstances as opportunities to heal our soul on a deeper level, we transform them through our presence immediately. This doesn’t mean that things will automatically shift and be perfect, but it kickstarts the healing process. We must remain aware during this time.

 I was thankful to be introduced to this book, and I am using it in my daily life. I believe that Radical Forgiveness is the only way to really move beyond. Like anything else worthwhile, we must practice consistently and put the work in. It is a very different perspective than most of us are used to, so it definitely takes persistence. In order to truly forgive we must be willing to take a look at ourselves and be loving toward ourselves throughout our process. We must constantly remind ourselves to love every aspect of our humanness, even the areas we have become used to judging so harshly.

Tipping, Colin C. Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle. Marietta, GA: Global 13, 2002.


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