Flowing with nature: taking a more TCM approach to health

This is a topic I definitely had to do a little more research on because I have a respect for Traditional Chinese Medicine and I didn’t want to completely butcher it and spread a bunch of misinformation with the limited knowledge that I have of TCM. I have been seeing an acupuncture therapist on and off for about ten years for treatments. I have gone for several different reasons including anxiety, depression, hormone balancing, assisting me in stopping certain drugs/medications, allergies and digestive issues. I love that the TCM approach looks at the body in alignment with nature and the seasons. For example, eating more cooling foods during the warmer seasons and warmer foods during the colder seasons. This helps us stay in balance and at our best, energy wise. I always felt like Acupuncture helped me, but I definitely notice it more now that I am more in tune with my body and emotions. I do more for myself now than I was willing to do then. Like any type of training or treatment, optimizing your results is on you.

I had gone through so much trial and error with my health, primarily my gut health. I had told people that I was struggling in hopes that someone might send some useful information my way. I learned to tune people out when they would suggest a specific cleanse for me to do, whether it was cayenne and maple syrup or grape juice or whatever. Extremes became like a red flag to me.

I hadn’t seen my acupuncturist in quite a few months and decided it could only help at this point. I got in there and told him what was going on and what I had changed about my diet and lifestyle. One of the first things he told me was to try not to only eat raw vegetables and to incorporate more warm and cooked foods into my diet. This doesn’t always mean warm in the literal sense necessarily. Different types of foods have different effects on the body. There are cooling, warming and neutral foods. He told me that I had excess cold in my body, which made sense because I had been particularly freezing lately no matter how many layers I would put on. I was so cold I had no desire to move most days. In other words, I had a yang deficiency. I had recently started juicing and was making an effort to try to have as much a liquid diet as possible in hopes of helping my digestion. I was also mainly eating foods that were cooling to the body. He also suggested that I start eating meat at least once a week. At first I wasn’t having it, but I decided to step aside and put my health first. I became open to eating chicken or turkey once a week if it was grass-fed only. I could abandon the “raw vegan” title, that became more like a badge to decorate my ego as it progressed anyway. I will always support peace and sustainibility, but what kind of sustainibility neglects its own quality of life? I have to say that when I ate turkey again for the first time, my body was happy. 

 I was happy that I went to see my acupuncturist because it brought consciousness back into my relationship with food and my body. Change may appear inconvenient and stressful, but in the long run it is our resistance to that change that is detrimental to us. Balance is important to our health. The stress that can come with extremes can become counter-productive after a while and the ego can take over an effort that was first rooted in health and positive intention.

I am definitely going to do a lot more research on this topic because I feel this was very basic, but that is all I had time for at the moment. If you have never experienced an acupuncture treatment, I highly reccomend going at least a few times. You may gain a lot of insight you wouldn’t have been able to attain otherwise. If you are on Long Island, N.Y, and want a great acupuncture therapist, I would be happy to refer you to mine 🙂 . Have a lovely Sunday friends!! I appreciate you. 


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