Grow stuff :)

In Western society, it is common for people to be disconnected from their intuitions and their bodies. Most of us are always hustling, multi-tasking and juggling 10 different things at any given time. This gives us very little, if any time to focus on what really matters. I am referring to our own well-being. I relate very much to this trend, because I have experienced it first hand. I have rarely been in touch with my body and my emotions. At a young age I disconnected from my body and my emotions as a means of survival due to certain experiences and traumas. We do what we do to survive and surviving makes us strong. However, as we get older we may start to feel as if something isn’t right with us. We may question what happened or why we ignored ourselves for so long.

I have always had an interest in other living things, plants and animals. I always felt a strong connection to nature. I took David Avocado Wolfe’s free online nutrition course and watched a ton of his videos and I made the decision to start somewhere and have a go at growing my own food. My intentions for doing this were to bring consciousness to the food I put into my body, my relationship with the food, and my body. Consciously putting love into the process of growing and eating seemed to be the most natural way to connect to nature and myself.

I don’t have a ton of space and I know that I will be living elsewhere in a year or so, so I had to work with what I had and start as small as possible. I know that when people take on a lot too soon, they tend to get overwhelmed and give it all up. So, I decided to start with sprouts. I could tell this was the thing for me to be doing because it all fell into place effortlessly. I discovered that I was already connected to a local guy who grows his own micro greens and sprouts on Long Island via Instagram. I reached out to him and got a response almost instantly. The next day, which happened to be New Years Day, I took a trip and got what I needed to get started on this little adventure.

Today I actually noticed that my first sprout harvest was ready to eat. I felt like a proud momma. They are currently in my fridge and I plan on (mindfully) going to town on them later today. I feel inspired to continue and to step up my growing skills. I have noticed already that I am thinking about eating differently. I am more motivated to cook my own food and go out to eat less. I am already only eating at certain restaurants that I trust and whose practices I feel are respectful and sustainable.

What we put into our bodies should always be a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately healthy food is more expensive, but so what. An act of self-love and love for our environment pays for itself a million times over.


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