Always question!

This post is meant to encourage you to analyze your beliefs and what you see as your current reality. I noticed a tendency throughout my life to need to identify with people and make sense of things. I mentioned in an earlier post how many people look to gurus or figures that they believe have all the answers. I know I have done this time and time again. I would have been completely reassured if one person had all the answers, however this is not the case in life.I am sometimes quick to trust, and I guess you can call me naive in that sense. Once I trust someone, I tend to overlook what someone else might consider red flags, and give them the benefit of the doubt. This is a realization I have recognized recently about myself. I believe that balance is the key to an optimal state of being. Balance is never static because each moment is a different reality. It actually makes me a little nervous now when people tell me that they have complete balance in their life.

I’m sure you know someone who uses Google for every question that they have regarding their health or just about anything else. When people do this, they come across all kinds of information from an abundance of credible and less than credible sources. They may then in turn believe that they have a serious, incurable illness. I advise against doing this in most cases.

The same can be said for stories you hear from your friends, associates etc. I know I have unconsciously adopted certain beliefs that my friends had without getting a chance to look far enough into them. Looking back, some of them sounded good and were somewhat convincing.

When you are going through times where you are questioning things in your life, it can be easier to fall into this trap. It can offer a false sense of comfort to adopt new beliefs without having a chance to really look into or evaluate their validity. I believe that there is definitely so much more to life than we can gather from our five senses. I also go through times where I feel I am limited. I have felt blocked many times. I believe it is mainly psychological, but a block is a block. I have gone from being super skeptical and closed minded, where I had no willingness to look at anything that I didn’t believe affected my daily life, to the complete opposite end of the spectrum where I went way too far down the rabbit hole. Its crazy how the mind can do this to protect itself when it feels unsafe. It goes to show you we really do pick and choose our reality. It is my goal to do this consciously and not out of my sneaky ego’s hope for survival.

I have been in dark places in my life where I just wanted answers. I heard stories that people supposedly experienced and believed them even though looking back they sounded pretty unbelievable. I later realized that some of these individuals might have been using those stories as ways to make themselves appear significant. We can lose ourselves if we aren’t careful.

I love to explore, don’t get me wrong. I will always enjoy looking into things and doing my own research with the knowledge that research is also limited. The information out there is not all there is. I also know that excessive research can get super crazy real fast to the point where it can limit happiness people experience in their lives, so we must do our best to keep ourselves in check. There is always good going on in the world and it can stand out over the bad if we focus on it. We don’t always see things clearly when our emotions are involved. This is why I encourage you to look at multiple angles of things. We all deserve to thrive and not be deceived. It is all a learning experience and we will all find our way in the end


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