There is no cookie-cutter approach to health or guru with all the answers!

Man oh man… this a topic I am truly passionate about. It has taken me years and years of trial and error to realize that there is no one way for everyone to be healthy. We are all so different and thrive under a variety of unique conditions and circumstances. So many factors come into play when it comes to health and wellness. There is no cookie-cutter approach to health. I believe that spreading information suggesting that there is one is misguiding and irresponsible to our fellow humans!I have always been one to look for someone who I felt knew everything and would teach me everything I needed to know about my health and my body. I would have taken a short cut if one existed. I have experimented with different diets and forms of fitness for several years now. I slowly began to realize that most people are not what they appear to be in terms of how they convey themselves. People that pretend to know more than most people and who come off as arrogant and egotistical are usually trying to compensate for something. People might even believe that their own information is the truth. As I have mentioned earlier on, everyone is living in his or her own version of reality, so no one is really even wrong!

I have seen many different companies and people in the fitness and health/nutrition field that claim to know the most in their field and are trying to sell their lifestyle to people. They come off as confident, strong and knowledgeable. It is easy to act a certain way that most people seek to be like, and sell shit. You may gain a pretty decent following with this approach. You can fool a lot of people and yourself as well. A placebo effect can work wonders, but is it sustainable? Eventually we may need something more, something that offers truth and integrity. Our bodies are always changing, as are our environments… so nothing is ever static. Everything must shift appropriately for evolution to occur. 

I have had people I looked up to as mentors who may have had good intentions most of the time, but still ended up directing me toward certain decisions that ended up worsening my health. I also had some people who I don’t believe had any regard for my well-being that gave me a lot of real bro advice, that I took seriously at the time. I also want to bring up the idea of gurus, or people you look up to. I am one to be amazed at a lot of things I see, because I try to keep a very open mind. I have come across many motivational figures from youtube etc that I pretty much idolized for a period of time. I idolized these people until I found information that was more science based that pretty much contradicted their theories on things. I respect that people have their own approach.

It used to make me nervous and fearful when I would find out that my idol was wrong! Now, it kind of gives me a sense of relief because it makes me think for myself. It is an opportunity to practice freethinking. There are things I hear that I feel in my soul as good information, and things that I recognize as not applicable to my unique circumstances. It has led me to take things with a grain of salt and do my own research. This is actually a great privilege in my opinion. I like when science can back up some of my beliefs, but I also believe there are limitations to what science can prove for sure. Science isn’t really allowed to prove too much because then people will know that they are not as limited as they have been conditioned to believe. I don’t blame anyone, because at the end of the day I make my own decisions. The point is that it is impossible for anyone to know all of the factors that may or may not come into play for a person. Someone can be knowledgeable and intelligent, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we must advocate for ourselves and be proactive about our own lives and well-being. As I continue to practice this, I encourage everyone to grow to trust themselves the most!


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