Check that Mindset!

This post may not be applicable for a lot of people. If there are any of you out there who have been prone to that very all-or-nothing mentality and have bounced around various extremes at any point in your life, then this one might be for you. As you may have been able to gather if you read the previous posts, I begin things with very positive intentions.There is a very fine line between aiming to be healthy and obsessing and letting your ego run wild with an idea. This has been a theme in many of my efforts. You never want to lose sight of the healthy side of things. You want whatever type of life you are trying to live to be sustainable and a have balance to it. This became the case with bodybuilding, as with detoxing, and any type of eating I‘ve strictly committed myself toward following. My love for lifting shifted into an unhealthy obsession, which led me to trying to control every little aspect of my life. This attitude landed me with health issues and an eating disorder for example. Choices I made from putting my ego before my health ended up setting me back and causing me consequences that I am still recovering from to this day.

I heard a positive message; that we can benefit from detoxing our bodies in order to be healthier and thrive. This original idea inspired me to become healthier, but eventually came the idea that I always needed be detoxing or I would get incredibly sick. I had subconsciously changed the belief that I had toxins to I was toxic. Therefore I made it an obsession and did it constantly until I felt sick in my mind and my body.

I also changed my entire diet all at once from a high protein, bodybuilding type diet to a raw vegan diet in a pretty short time span. There really wasn’t much progression at all. I don’t regret making this change. I feel healthier overall from cutting a lot of animal protein out, especially dairy. However, I took the original idea of sustainability to the extreme of making the diet such a rigid thing, where I wasn’t listening to my body anymore or what it needed. There is a lot to consider when making changes like this. I had been struggling with my digestion, and it turned out that I needed to be eating more cooked food. Also, my acupuncturist suggested that I incorporate some type of meat once or twice a week. The point is that not every type of diet works for every person at every point in his or her life. Sometimes it is good to give our bodies a break from certain things so we can see how it really affects us when we eat them again. It can help us become more mindful of our bodies, which I believe is the key to healing ourselves.

It is important to enjoy the process I have found. For the longest time and I still find myself doing it at times, I have been doing certain things as a means to an end. This means that I may do something I don’t particularly enjoy in any way in order to make things better for myself later. The truth though is that later may never come if we don’t take care of ourselves right here and now. I choose to live an unconventional life and take leaps of faith when other people might think I am crazy for it. I refuse to give too much of myself to a situation that stands in the way of me enjoying my life. This can be a work situation, for example. I know damn well that I can always take on more work. There will always be work to take on. I can always make more money. I am not chasing an illusion that I need to sell my soul in order to have more money. If it is something that sets my soul on fire, that is a whole different story. I will move mountains for something I believe in. Money is definitely a good thing to have, but I have also never been without.

I guess the whole point of this rant I just went on was that it is important to never lose sight of ourselves to our ego. It is unrealistic to say never, but at least try to be in touch with yourself enough that you can pull yourself back to present before things get too crazy! Being open-minded and flexible to new ideas may bring you a quality of life that is greater than you have ever imagined. Life is too short to limit ourselves. Just do what makes your soul feel good!


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